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NASHVILLE — In the beginning, before the Nashville Predators sank their fangs into a city that adored hockey but just didn't know it yet, there was a kiosk. Nat Harden perched there, outside the food court of the CoolSprings mall in suburban Brentwood.

Digital Photography 101: May 6th
Our next 8–week Digital Photography course begins ... You’ll learn the “math” of photography: ISO, aperture, shutter speed, resolution, pixels, etc. You’ll also learn the “art” of photography: Elements of composition, framing and cropping.

Digital Photography 101 – Part 1
But how much do we really know about the art & science of digital photography? These cameras look and act like regular cameras with a couple of additional components. Complicated camera designs are rapidly being replaced by easy to use ones, since.

Food For Digital Thought: 101 Things To Know About Photography
I was “surfing the world wide web”, and I came across an interesting post on things to know about photography ... Martinis and photography don’t mix very well. 41. Taking art classes will improve your photography. 42. The Rule of Thirds is boring.

Rockingham Plan Your Week: Sept. 3-9 - Greensboro News & Record
and River Heritage. Arts , crafts, food, two stages of live entertainment, Carolina Raptor Center, North Star Bloodhounds, Paul Bunyan Lumber Jack Show, knockerball, archery games, gem sluice, children's activities, historical exhibits and more.

David Rockefeller, billionaire philanthropist and businessman, dies at 101 - PBS NewsHour
David Rockefeller — Philanthropist, Banker And Collector — Dies At 101 NPR.

Digital Wedding Photography 101
It is now considered so sophisticated that traditional film photography is fast becoming an artifact by many professional photographers. In fact, 90% of wedding photographers are shooting digitally. This course on Digital Wedding Photography will give you.

George Braziller, Publisher of Fresh Literary Voices, Dies at 101 - New York Times
He was 101 . His death, at the Mary Manning Walsh Home, was confirmed by his son Michael Braziller, the publisher and editorial director of the publishing house George Braziller Inc. In a 2015 memoir, “Encounters: My Life in Publishing,” Mr. Braziller.

Cholera 101: An Ancient Disease Keeps Cropping Up - NPR
Cholera can kill a person in a matter of hours. It's a severe gastrointestinal disease that can trigger so much diarrhea and vomiting that patients can rapidly become dehydrated. They lose so much fluid that their internal organs shut down. U.N.

Jacque Fresco, Futurist Who Envisioned a Society Without Money, Dies at 101 - New York Times
He was 101 . His death was confirmed by Roxanne Meadows, his partner, who said he had Parkinson's syndrome and had recently broken a hip. Mr. Fresco created the Venus Project on 21 rural acres that he and Ms. Meadows acquired in south-central&nbsp.

Pair explore structure and light in Fracture: Differences - The Australian Financial Review
Armed with a smartphone and a battery of apps, everyone's a photographer these days. What that means is that fine art photography has been granted a new authority, evolved even more of an aura. At the same time, digital artwork is becoming increasingly&nbsp.