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Film is for pros: This is the gold standard of photography - The Sunday Guardian
Leica M-A (Typ 127) is a 35mm film rangefinder camera which features all-metal body with chrome brass top and bottom covers. The camera works with basic aspects of photography : shutter speed, aperture, and film speed. The camera comes with the shutter&nbsp.

Canvas of emotions - The Asian Age
From dry leaves, crows taking wing, an angry passerby's expression to a beggar in tears sitting in a corner and colours of freshness after a monsoon downpour, painter-turned-award winning photographer Swarup Chatterjee captures varied movements.

Shooting Portraits of the Same Model with 3 Vintage Lenses - PetaPixel (blog)
Photographer Mathieu Stern recently put 3 vintage lenses to the test in a portrait shootout at 4 different locations. The 5-minute video above compares the Soligor ... film lenses and for my work they are the perfect tools. With the advent of.

'Suspiria' Has Been Restored in 4K…and It's Perfect - Bloody Disgusting
We started the film scan of the original 35mm uncensored camera negative in Italy almost 4 years ago, did a lot of the restoration in Poland for about a year and a half, and just finished in Los Angeles in the summer of 2017. We just happened to.

The Nikon D850 can scan film using the new ES-2 digitizing adapter
the camera enables super high-resolution digitizing of 35mm slides or negatives and converts them in-camera to positives For Nikon shooters who occasionally get their film photography on, this is actually a pretty interesting and useful feature.

What Is “Medium Format” in Photography?
Similarly, medium format digital photography uses a sensor that’s bigger than the 35mm full-frame standard. A full-frame sensor is roughly the same size as a single frame of 35mm film—36mm x 24mm—and old lenses can often be made work on new cameras.

A Shaded Path: A Large Format Portrait of Kyrgyzstan - PetaPixel (blog)
why would a 680 be more large format (whatever that means)? My point is that since the photographer wasn't using the front standard much, he could have easily accomplished the same thing using the same type of film but getting more shots with a medium.

What's the hottest TIFF title? Film buffs offer 25 good bets - Toronto Star
The Toronto International Film Festival has downsized a bit for its 42nd edition, running Sept. 7 to 17, but the buzz about its film offerings roars as loudly as always. In fact, our 17th annual “Chasing the Buzz” poll of the most eagerly anticipated.

Mirrorless Camera vs. Point and Shoot
The advancements in digital cameras ... days of film cameras. To understand how a mirrorless camera compares to a point and shoot, it helps to understand how each compares to a DSLR. Today’s DSLR uses the same mirror mechanism as its 35mm ancestors.

Mother & Father: A Portrait of Loss - British Journal of Photography
deeply personal and painful project, and why he persevered. Living and working in Oxford his entire life, Paddy Summerfield is renowned for his evocative series of black and white images, all shot on 35mm film , which co-opt the traditional genre of.

Nikon D850 doubles as 35mm film scanner with ES-2 adapter
If you plan to buy the Nikon D850, you may find this useful for scanning your 35mm negatives. It seems like a good solution for those who still grab their film camera sometimes, but it can also come in handy if you want to scan the negatives from the pre.

Inside Texas' Active Shooter Training Simulations - WIRED
He got permission to photograph ALERRT's annual conference in San Marcos in November 2016, and a training session at the San Antonio Fire Academy in March. He spent several ... Johnson captured everything with a Nikon FM2 camera and 35mm film.