Art photography film vs digital

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Photographers Albert Watson and Mark Seliger Talk About Analog vs Digital
Today he shoots with Phase One digital cameras and backs since transitioning from large format film. Photographer Mark Seliger more or less agreed with him but stated that on each shoot he still shoots some film. For Mark, he sees analog photography these.

The New Season of Art: Listings for the Fall Season and Beyond
BARBARA HAMMER: EVIDENTIARY BODIES A retrospective for the storied video artist will also include archival materials, works on paper and previously unseen film ... of Art, Atlanta, WILLIAM HENRY FOX TALBOT AND THE PROMISE OF PHOTOGRAPHY Some.

Digital vs. traditional film photography
When most folks think of art, they consider oil ... And since they can see instant results with digital images in their cameras, why should they? A perception exists that more of a challenge is found with film photography vs. digital.

Inside Business - Art Studio celebrates one year anniversary
This month she celebrated the one-year anniversary of her business, Laura Davis Art Studio. Her art is abstract. She uses a digital camera and photo ... focusing on video art in a program which included film, photography and computer design.

How Computational Photography is Changing Your Conception of Photography
Although specialized gear like the strip camera challenged the orthodoxy of the single exposure, film photography (even in the art photography world) was a fairly literal way of seeing the world. But in digital photography, light is converted into bits of.

Daria meets sci-fi in this surreal animated short film
In an animated short film titled Sommer of Hate, commissioned by Channel 4’s Random Acts initiative, Margot Bowman takes us back to Summer 2016 (I know, frightening – stay with us) and follows a woman named Sommer and her dog Ego as they leave their.

UW students use 35mm film to capture natural beauty in profound photography exhibit, Aisthetikos Cuvare
The University of Wisconsin’s Art 376 class brought their original photography ... due to the “old fashioned,” traditional nature of the photography style, using developed film instead of digital photography. Political cartoonist brings creations.

Tamron SP 24-70mm F2.8 G2 sample gallery
Fans of film photography should keep an ... the pros and cons of shooting natural light vs off-camera flash, and explains why he chooses to shoot one, the other, or both in any given situation. Western Digital just debuted a new, higher capacity WD Gold.

Interview: Self-Taught Photographer Crafts Surreal Scenes Inspired by Vintage Film Stills
Photographer Simon McCheung fell into photography on a whim after purchasing a DSLR camera ... and my love of the Renaissance art period. My process for these images were planned out beforehand. I would put the idea down on paper, and then search.

The Depict Frame Adds a Twist to Digital Art Canvas
Where The Frame is an UHD television that can display art, Depict is strategically a digital artwork-only display, one priced considerably more affordably ($899 vs $ 2,799.99). Even so, there’s an argument that at either of those prices, it would be.