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A file ... a photo might insist that it be a specific type of file. Whatever quandary you encounter, you can usually hunt down an app to help. In this guide, we'll recommend some of the best format-conversion services out there, and give you a few tips.

10 PowerPoint Presentation Tips: To Make Good PPT Slides (Quickly)
In this tutorial, I'm going to share ten quick PowerPoint presentation tips that will help you improve your PowerPoint ... you need to think about how your user will use the presentation file. Any of these are likely scenarios if you are regularly.

Taking the sting out of trucking's training programs - Fleet Owner (blog)
To that end, Jazrawy offers four training tips for trucking companies. Figure out what it is you want people to learn: The point of training is not to fill hours or to check one more item off a to-do list. It's to transfer information to employees. So.

Students investigate 'lambicide' - Marquette Mining Journal
“The book has a very simple thing,” Hanson said. “The first person on the scene, the first responder on the scene, is going to make an assessment and decide what the boundaries of the crime scene are. Well, they don't tell you, you know, 8.4 feet from.

Photographing Birds and Insects Presentation
For example, considering backgrounds in bird photography ... tips for these types of subjects. NIKON 1 V3 + 1 NIKKOR VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 @ 219.6mm, ISO 1600, 1/100, f/5.6 The presentation will not be focused on gear, but will include some basic.

Photo editing tips: How to optimise sharpness
In our latest look at photo editing tips, Photoshop guru Martin Evening sorts out your ... In this step I wanted to refine the Basic panel tone settings. I first added a touch more Contrast and lightened the Shadows. Next, I pressed Shift and double.

Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide
We spent the last week learning all about the basics of photography ... different kinds of techniques for color correction, touch ups, and a few other fun effects. Advertisement If you'd like all of these lessons in a printable PDF file, click here.

Three Presentation Tips From ABC's 90-Second Hurricane Tutorial - Forbes
But you do have access to presentation software tools like PowerPoint and access to mostly free sound-effects like thunder and lightning. Photographs , animation and sound will make any science presentation come alive. If you'd like to step up on the.

PowerPoint tips from Duarte's Five Rules Presentation - PCWorld
One of the coolest PowerPoint slideshows I have ever seen is one of PowerPoint's own templates; it's called "Duarte's Five Rules." It uses animation, graphics, fonts, layout, design, sound, narration, and timing perfectly. The tips below explain and.

Scientifically Speaking, Your PowerPoint Sucks - Co.Design (blog)
And while I kept using “ PowerPoint ” as a shorthand for “presentations” in my interview questions, several of the designers I interviewed corrected me. They actually used the presentation software Prezi. But does the kind of presentation software that.

The 1 Public Speaking Skill You Can Learn From Microsoft's Best Presenter -
Microsoft vice president Panos Panay oversees the company's hardware products, from Surface to Xbox. After his keynotes and product demonstrations, audience members often post positive feedback on Twitter about the presentation itself. "Passion" is one.

3 File Extension Tips Every Microsoft Office User Should Know
don’t forget these three basic tips: 1. Open presentations as slideshows with PPS: PPS stands for PowerPoint Show and saving a presentation in this format allows you to open it as a slideshow directly by double-clicking on the file. This works for .PPSX.

iPhone vs. Android: Which is better for you? - Computerworld
And I'm not the only one who has trouble with iCloud. Android, however, is tightly integrated with Google's applications and services. I use Google apps all the time for work and fun. With an Android phone and Google Now home screen, I also get access.