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What Can I Actually Upgrade On My Mac? - Lifehacker
Dear Lifehacker , I'm considering ordering a MacBook Pro with a solid-state drive. Is it really .... In the end, a Mac will never be as upgradeable as a Windows PC (unless you build your own Hackintosh ), but that doesn't mean you don't have options.

Roll a Powerful Media HTPC for Less Than $500 - Lifehacker
and don't hesitate to sub out components you don't like with ones that you prefer. When you're ready to build your own budget streaming PC, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when you start researching components. Photo from Wikipedia.

Asus VivoBook E403NA-US21 computer
The VivoBook E403NA-US21 has a built-in memory card reader for digital photography ... system is the software that controls the basic operation of the computer. Common examples are Windows and Mac OS. The operating system determines the "look and feel.

Disable Your Touchpad When You're Typing with AutoHotkey - Lifehacker
Windows: Back in November we highlighted TouchFreeze, a small utility designed to prevent you from accidentally moving your mouse cursor and messing up text that you're typing while you're typing. Reader bobbo33 made an improved version with a&nbsp.

Most Popular DIY Projects of 2008 (and All Time!) - Lifehacker
lifehacker · The A.V. Club · Deadspin · Earther · Gizmodo · Jalopnik · Jezebel · Kotaku · Lifehacker · Splinter · The Root · The Onion ... Build a Hackintosh Mac for Under $800—Adam runs OS X on a home-built PC. ... Supply Hacks · Top 10 IKEA.

Unfortunate Corporate Slogans, Nokia Edition: TAG YOUR IT! -
Take a picture of your shoes, or a painting, or whatever, add in a link to its Wikipedia page or shopping link, and then whenever anyone snaps a photo of that item, they'll see your links. But retail companies can also tag their own products, so the.

Google's New Chromebook Pixel: Dangerously Close to Buyable - Gizmodo
Google Docs? Google Sheets? Google Drive? Yes, yes, and yes. Google Calendar, Play Music, Gmail? Nope. And that's to say nothing of whatever third-party photo editors and video players and whatnot you pick up along the way. What about the battery life.

Tesla Succumbs To Practical Reasoning, Will Build Next Car On Model 3 Platform - Jalopnik
Hundreds of engineers and investors around the world collectively sighed in relief today as Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that he has decided against spending too much time and money on developing a new platform for the company's next car, and will&nbsp.

The Best Free & Paid Image Editors for Mac OS X
Mac OS X is frequently seen ... Affinity might be the photo editor for you. It’s nothing short of a fully-featured RAW editor that plays nicely with all major formats and allows you to make adjustments to basic parameters (exposure, white balance.

Silver PAC Evolution 5500 Remote Would Have Been Great 3 Years Ago - (blog)
12/14/09 9:57pm. Yes, I remember sideshow. As my very pretty but utterly useless MiniView display embedded in my Dell XPS 420 would attest. Look how useless it is! you have to stand up to use it. even worse, it's a hackintosh . makes it even more useless.

How to Fix OS X El Capitan's Annoyances - Lifehacker
When you wiggle your mouse in El Capitan, it gets bigger so you can easily find it on the screen. This is handy if you have a big monitor, but it's pretty silly if you have a laptop. It's also a pain if you use photo editing tools or play games.

Apple's Best Laptop Is Four Years Old - Gizmodo
In 2012 the Macbook Pro Retina wasn't so much the next stage of laptops as it was a fun oddity by Apple. It was a workstation, designed to handle grueling video and photo editing tasks with aplomb, but it was missing some workstation musts, like a DVD.

Only if it serves the state: North Korea's online experience
There ought to be a basic acceptance ... surveilled. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E) It seems North Korean coders have also lifted some ideas from Apple. Outside experts believe a program similar to what Apple uses in its OS X and iOS is believed to be the basis.