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Capturing the beauty of the wild - Lebanon Daily News
Bernard "Lefty" Kreh is an American fly fisherman, photographer , and fly-casting instructor, currently residing in Hunt Valley, Md. Kreh is most known for being one of the pioneers of Saltwater Fly fishing, and his book , Fly Fishing in Salt Water, is.

A look into the augmented future of photography
Given that digital ... wants the best shot of their kid on the first day of kindergarten as it is to a pro photographer. Yes, Apple has a silicon team that’s beyond ridiculous. Yes, it’s at the cutting edge of mobile computational photography and.

Skillsoft is the Number One Provider of Corporate eBooks, Audiobooks, Book Reviews and Book Summaries
Skillsoft now works with more than 230 global publishers to offer over 40,000 best-selling digital and ... 17 Digital Skills books across seven topical areas, including Windows 10, iPad, iPhone, Access 2013, SharePoint 2013, SLR Photography and Scrivener.

Antelope Canyon tours: Which is right for you? -
Photography tours at both locations generally require a tripod or monopod and a mirrorless or DSLR camera. If you're visiting Antelope Canyon and want to set up a tripod to capture shots at your leisure and without people in them, book a photography.

What's the best Canon camera for beginners? - Amateur Photographer
With the introduction of the 200D, Canon now has a very strong line-up for the beginner photographer . Those new to DSLR photography have lots of choice in the current line-up. If the photography world is a little alien, looking at a list of specs can.

DSLR Video Weekly: The Impact of Light and Motion on Focus
This is article #18 in the DSLR Video Weekly series. If you’d like the whole thing in one shot, check out the book Creating DSLR Video ... to how much light you have for the shot. The best option is always to try to have enough light available.

30 Composition Styles for Taking Good Pictures - PetaPixel (blog)
Ever since I decided to start learning photography , I've been looking for a good catalog of composition ideas. Once you figure out the mechanics of how a DSLR works, getting good at the composition of your photos seems to be the 80/20 of rapidly.

"iPhone X and the Rise of Computational Photography"- TDS Podcast 602
If I were to place my cameras for 2018 in a line on a table moving from left to right in terms of technical sophistication, it would go something like this: Pentax Super Program SLR ... Member Photo of the Day. Cascable - Cascable is the best tool.

Why I Swapped My 'Pro' DSLR for the Cheapest One Available - PetaPixel (blog)
This bothered me somewhat, because as a photography teacher I know that even with the best tools in the world, you won't take good photographs unless you are competent and skilled, and you understand what exactly makes a good photograph.

This is How Shooting the Sun Can Melt Your Camera - PetaPixel (blog)
Planning to photograph the upcoming solar eclipse? You'd better make sure you have the right solar filter to protect your camera. Here's a 2-minute video that shows how shooting the sun without protection can completely melt your DSLR's guts. The folks&nbsp.

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2017 Buying Guide: Mirrorless Camera The Daily Star.

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Canon USA Celebrates National Camera Day With The Announcement Of Two New DSLR Cameras PR Newswire (press release.