Best Digital Projector For Photography

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Five digital projectors to show off your photographs
The thing is, some photographers or camera clubs want a projector for permanent installation in a dedicated darkened room – especially given that this invariably results in the best picture quality ... While all five digital projectors tested here.

Digital Projectors For Photographers
we noticed attendees preferred the digital projection because of the brightness. Resolution isn’t a simple issue, however, as which size is best is somewhat dependent on the viewing distance. Brightness is measured in lumens. This specification is.

Casio XJ-UT311WN
The all-white XJ-UT311WN measures 6 by 16.5 by 13.1 inches (HWD) and weighs 12.6 pounds, making it best for permanent ... scanners, and projectors team. In addition to editing, Tony has written articles on digital photography and reviews of digital cameras.

ShareGrid publishes the 'Ultimate Anamorphic Lens Test'
As the test's Director Mark LaFleur points out, "Any photographer who wants to make a big splash within the photography world should start ... We wanted to get benchmark lenses, the best of the best, like the ARRI / Zeiss Master Anamorphics and the Cooke.

Bring the Party With You: Optoma IntelliGO S1
A portable digital projector could be the perfect on-base entertainment ... software which can give you access to many of the best streaming apps right out of the box. Check out a photo of the projector with its carrying case and a soda can for scale.

How to Use a Digital Projector as a Glamour Spotlight
I have been experimenting with digital projectors as a light source in my Glamour Photography Workshops. If you don’t have access to large movie hot lights with focusing fresnel lens systems, a digital projector provides a wonderful simulation.

Epson wins Best Photo Projector in prestigious TIPA Awards
The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) has named the Epson EH-TW7200 as "Best Photo Projector" for 2014. TIPA, comprised of the editors and technical specialists at the world's leading photography and imaging magazines, judges the innovation.

Best Projector Deals in August 2017
A projector is a device that projects rays of light onto a canvas from photo slides ... it’s the best possible projector tech you can get your hands on, but it’s also the dearest. Lastly, most DLP projectors use a single digital micromirror device.

Innovation: Canon makes photography easy with new cameras
Yes, we are the best at what we do and ... from input devices that include photography, videography and cinematography tools, to digital storage devices that include ACHD and MP4, to output devices that include projectors and printers.

House of Vain
They arrived with photographers in tow. They came in search of the ’grams of the summer, and the best filters money could buy—the ... Spirit of Autumn, another digital projection show—this one featuring augmented-reality cocktails—that opens.