Best lens for macro flower photography techniques

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The first 1.0x magnification mid-telephoto macro lens for X Series
This lens ... flowers and nature photos. Combine this lens with Fujifilm's unique Film Simulation such as Velvia, for truly stunning close up images. The “FUJINON XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro Lens” is a mid-telephoto macro lens that delivers the very.

The Amazing World Behind Macro Lenses
Macro photography reveals the mysterious world too small to see up close with the naked eye. Stunning macro photography is best be done with a special macro lens—most cameras have a built-in macro setting, but its results are usually far less astonishing.

How focus stacking can help you to get super sharp landscapes
Focus stacking is a popular technique for macro photographers ... how to use focus stacking techniques to get infinite depth of field for landscapes with any lens. Mark also goes over some shooting tips to help you get the best source material to work.

DIY: How I built my own super macro rig for less than $250
Last year I bought a macro lens for the summer—just a normal one with 1x magnification—and I immediately found myself in a beautiful and mesmerizing world of minuscule flowers and bugs. I found that in macro photography ... The best known is the.

Up close and personal: macro photography tips
Macro photography exposes you to a whole ... Sometimes this is denoted by the icon of a flower. If you have a DSLR, you’ve got a couple of options to go beyond the capabilities of the lenses you currently own. The most convenient way is to buy a.

Close-up and Macro Photography: Its Art and Fieldcraft Techniques
specialty lenses, Bokeh, wide-angle macro, high-speed flash, blurring backgrounds, and more Focusing on fieldcraft techniques for macro and close-up photography, Thompson covers the vital but often overlooked skills necessary to achieve consistent.

How to Focus in Macro Photography
Even if your subject is staying still (say, a flower on a day without much wind), it’s still best to use continuous-servo ... For example, for high-magnification macro photography, I’ll set my lens to its closest focusing distance of 1:1 magnification.

6 of the best travel cameras you can buy now
There are advanced filters (including Toy Camera, Pop Color, Soft Focus) and advanced settings (Sunset, Party, Snow, Flower ... lens, but also goes wide enough to shoot the Houses of Parliament in full. Incredibly, you can get as close as one centimeter in.

8 Best Xiaomi Mi A1 Camera Tips and Tricks
setup comprising of a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens that are capable of taking impressive pictures in Portrait Mode. So, it seemed only fitting that we do a roundup of the nifty tips and tricks that can truly help you to get the most out of.

Beginner Food Photography Tips | How To Take Great Food Shots With Minimal Gear
We all know that photography ... these techniques, like a camera’s “macro” setting, you may find yourself frustrated as your camera senses that the scene could be brighter and tells your pop-up flash to fire. While the camera has the best of.