Best tripods for architectural photography techniques

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How to Add a Quick Release Plate to the Zhiyun-Tech Crane Gimbal - Fstoppers
Our tripod plate of choice is the Manfrotto 200PL and therefore the quick release receiver that we decided to use is the 323RC Quick Release Adapter. When you install this quick release adapter (at least with the GH5 and 12-35mm) The plate won't sit.

The Cheapest and Most Convenient Tripod System for Photo and Video - Fstoppers
Here at Fstoppers we use exclusively Manfrotto tripod heads and in the past we used two different types of plates. For still photography we used the 200PL plate on ball heads and for our videos we used 500 plates on pan heads. I have always hated the&nbsp.

Equipment for street photography
The following tips will guide you to the best types of gear for street photography, whichever of the approaches ... whichever of the approaches you take. 1. Leave your tripod at home. It adds to the amount of equipment you have to carry and can create.

A Simple Compositing Technique for Creating Group Photos of Dogs - Fstoppers
Whether you're photographing two dogs or two dozen, this simple compositing method will make sure you will be able to create the perfect group portrait where each dog is looking their best . Those who ... Dog photography sessions often involve just one.

Some Advice on How to Take Better Architectural Photos
For those of you who shoot architectural photography often, what are some other tips or advice you have for the rest of ... It's definitely a good idea to take the camera off the tripod to scout your angles, but good lord no pro one-hand composes with.

Some Photography Tips From a Former Card Carrying Beginner - Fstoppers
Photography is the same way. I can specifically remember years ago when listening to an experienced photographer tell me about different settings. Looking back now everything I was being told made sense, but at the time I really was not understanding a.

Five Simple But Effective Drone Video Techniques - Fstoppers
techniques in your bag of trick becomes useful. Here's an additional tip: if you're flying a DJI drone and you attempt these shots and find that your footage is too jerky or the movements are too fast, switch over to tripod mode, which will limit.

A Photographer's Perfectly Hodge-Podge Manhattan Apartment - Architectural Digest
With technicolor partitions and hot pink roller blinds, photographer Annie Schlechter and Russell Maret's New York City apartment would be intriguing even if it weren't filled with a world of idiosyncratic delights (think: twin gnome statues). It's.

Fstoppers Reviews the Manfrotto 055XPRO3 Tripod and BHQ2XPRO Ball Head Kit - Fstoppers
The tripod that I bought is the new 055PROX series, sold with XPRO ball head as a kit. I usually try to avoid "kits" when buying photography gear, but this seemed like a good combination, especially for using in the studio. First of all, the tripod is.

Easy Tips for Setting Up Your Studio - Fstoppers
Over the past couple of years, I've been transitioning from being primarily a wedding photographer to incorporating more studio photography in my business. I don't plan ... Sure you can go without a tripod , but why not save your shoulders and back? A.

The Ultimate Travel Tripod – Fstoppers' Initial Impression of the Gitzo Series 1 Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod - Fstoppers
As the name might suggest, the Traveler is best suited for, well, travelers. Adventure types making a living from photography and those who can benefit from having a lightweight yet durable base for their camera will appreciate this travel tripod . If.

This Single Long Take Short Film Was Shot on a Static Camera - Fstoppers
The story has been carefully orchestrated and recorded as a single 12-minute long take from a camera on a tripod . The film was shot back in 2009 and ... Once again this short proves that story is king, especially a good one. A great director also helps.