Bird photography post processing techniques

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Hardware tuneup to prime Very Large Telescope for Alpha Centauri exploration - New Atlas
optimized to suppress the starlight in the Alpha Centauri system in just the right way so it can directly photograph its habitable planets. Among the necessary technologies are advanced post - processing techniques and an instrument called a coronagraph.

18 Lightroom shortcuts to speed up your editing - Amateur Photographer
Lightroom has an official 'before' and ' after ' view using the XY button, but for a quicker way of doing it, click the key. This will revert to the original image before any Lightroom change. Keep pressing it and you can toggle between your before and.

Feathers And Snarge: Identifying What's Left After Birds And Planes Collide - Science Friday
Collisions between birds and airplanes can result in a range of damage, the most severe being the kind that brought down US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River in 2009. A flock of Canada geese snuffed out both engines on that plane shortly after &nbsp.

How to set up your camera for faster shots - Amateur Photographer
Sometimes your subject doesn't allow for you to take your time with composition or technique , and requires a quick trigger finger. Martin Evening shares these camera set-up tricks to speed up the process.

How to edit raw images in 5 simple steps - Amateur Photographer
Camera makers expect the raw photographer to want to make their own choices when it comes to things such as white balance, colour space and sharpening. So if you choose to shoot raw, you're entering into a commitment that you'll spend time editing your&nbsp.

Six Techniques to Get Sharper Photos Without Spending a Dime - Fstoppers
mean keeping your subject away from the center of the frame. I may get some heat for this one, but I would suggest if you are after the absolute sharpest photos take a few steps back to wider the frame and snap the photo with your subject in the.

Walkthrough: How to Edit a Landscape Photo in Lightroom and Photoshop - PetaPixel (blog)
Lots of photo editing tutorials these days focus on one specific technique or edit—how to sharpen, or how to use the HSL tool, for example. But if you're just starting out and you need a complete photo ... And while I can't say the birds don't add.

The Ultimate Comparison of Nine Noise Reduction Methods for Night Photography - Fstoppers
Stacking only two images increases the signal-to-noise ratio about 1.4 times, but it also increases the dynamic range, so you'll have more leeway in post - processing . I'm sure eager to try Noise Ninja after I have stacked at least two images or if I.

Levitating Bird or Camera's Frame Rate Perfectly Synced With Bird's Wings - Fstoppers
How amazing is it to capture a floating bird ? Let's have a look! I hope you didn't believe birds could actually levitate. Every photographer and videographer out there has probably seen what happens when a camera's frame rate is perfectly synced to the.

Bird on a bridge: Purloined parrot returned to roost at Saskatoon restaurant
The bright-blue bird was spotted on Saturday on the Traffic Bridge and was ... Police say no complaints or tips about the theft have been received, but warn that charges could be laid against the parrot purloiner.

Cape St. Mary's Sea Bird Ecological Reserve Is A Roaming Bird Lover's Dream (PHOTOS)
And from time to time, it attracts tourists and birdwatchers, like Erin Lockyer who posted these photos to Imgur, a photo hosting site ... Lockyer told the Huffington Post Canada in an email. Aww. Not a fan of birds? Fret not. The area is also good.

Christmas Bird Count sees common, rare species
DENALI PARK — There aren’t a lot of bird species that stick around the Denali/Cantwell area this time of year for the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count. But this year, a huge windstorm blew some seabirds called common murres into Interior Alaska.

'Dark ecology project' will use past weather radar data to trace bird migrations - Phys.Org
Maji's group has developed computer vision techniques for fine-grained categorization, which are already helping citizens connect with nature by automatically recognizing species of birds , animals, and other organisms in photographs . A long-term vision.

How to Shoot a 360 Video - WIRED
The most convenient cameras also produce videos that can be edited and shared with simple software tools and don't require any laborious stitching or post - processing . For the purposes of this article, we'll look at the cameras that hit those points.