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FILM Ferrania Returns From the Grave, Unveils New P30 B&W 35mm Film - PetaPixel (blog)
The film renaissance is growing. Just weeks after Kodak announced the return of Ektachrome film , the Italian film brand FILM Ferrania is back from the dead as well. Today it introduces its first new film stock. Called Ferrania P30, it's a black-and.

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No, You Can't Use 3D Movie Glasses As Eclipse Glasses - Here's Why Forbes.

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I'm photographer Andrew Branch, and this is my 400 speed, 35mm black-and-white film guide. ..... But showing you to change the business rules on this spreadsheet is beyond the scope of this tutorial , so you're on your own if you choose to go that route.

Revisiting Oliver Sacks's “Island of the Colorblind,” in Photographs - The New Yorker
In the film “The Island of the Colorblind,” Sacks tells this story while visiting the small Micronesian atoll of Pingelap, where an unusually large portion of the population is affected by complete achromatopsia, or total color blindness. Whereas an.

Fstoppers Interviews Renowned Landscape Photographer Gary Randall - Fstoppers
They didn't have a lot of money, so a roll of 12 exposures of black and white film was all they could afford as it was the cheapest to buy and cheapest to develop. To this day, Randall takes his years of experience shooting and developing film and.

'Cuz' Examines The Tragic Life And Death Of A Young Black Man In LA
Forest Dark," in fact, includes a grim black and white photo spread of the concrete brutalist expanse ... There are digressions here into Kafka, Descartes, Freud, fairy tales and film. Sections of the novel are walled off from each other, as disconnected.

Brooklyn and David Beckham Proudly Sit Front Row at Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Show in New York
Brooklyn, 18, was wearing a black-and-white ... photography . The eldest Beckham child told PEOPLE he was a “little nervous” to move out on his own, but excited to embark on this new journey. “I’m studying art and photography, like film and digital.

What are the benefits of film photography? - Amateur Photographer
Olympus camera and Ilford film 'How does that happen?' asked the iPhone-savvy teenager as he watched his first darkroom print appear through the developer on what he thought was just a white piece of paper. Film often fascinates the pupils I teach at.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 - EarthSky
The water contained more and more decidedly unnatural objects – mainly bits of plastic – and a film of sewage sludge covered the surface, all sluicing towards the shore. The seahorse let go of a piece of ... On this cold, February morning, the squirrel.

Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue's Refashionista - New York Times
But I spent a significant portion of my adolescence fantasizing about running my own teen magazine, and, like her, I am a young, black New York-based editor with curly hair and myopia. She was famous to me ... Back then, it was mostly indistinguishable.

How to Photograph the 2017 Solar Eclipse - TIME
How to photograph time-lapses of the solar eclipse USA TODAY.

How to Convert to Black and White in Lightroom: 3 Techniques
A well executed black ... look of film grain. Though this sort of noise is generally undesirable in color digital photography due to chromatic abnormalities that occur, the noise can actually be quite beautiful when converted to black and white, evoking.

Lighting Black Faces: Mic Interviews 'Insecure' Director of Photography Ava Berkofsky
Any photographer who has photographed or recorded multiple skin tones on film will know ... HBO's director of photography for the show "Insecure," for Mic to find out what her techniques are for lighting the show's black actors. In the article.

Robert McLachlan: The Invisible Hand Behind Your Favorite Show - Film School Rejects
Catching up with the cinematographer three days after wrapping season five of Ray Donovan, we talked to McLachlan about visual inspirations, the logistics of shooting three shows back to back to back, and the best way to photograph a White Walker. FSR.