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Taking Professional Photos on Your Phone With Dual Camera Technology
Digital ... cameras. Both lenses automatically move to counteract natural hand shaking for two crisp, clear images, even when in motion. Live Focus With Dual Capture The Note8’s new Live Focus mode allows you to create a professional blurred background.

A look into the augmented future of photography
The iPhone is the world’s most popular camera, by far, and Apple continues to take seriously the business of improving it. As I’ve mentioned before in these reviews, I have a lengthy history in photography ... the look of a blurry background that.

DxO’s mobile photography benchmark now tests dual cameras and depth effects
better on a zoom test than a phone that’s relying on digital zoom. And while the bokeh test will look for how well the camera is able to pleasantly blur the background of a photo in a traditional sense, artificial depth effects will be considered.

iPhone 8 Camera Will Be Much Better Than The One You're Using Now, So Don't Worry
To put into a #foodporn perspective, one look at your favorite bloggers' enviable weekend brunch photos is drool-worthy proof that smartphone food photography has insane potential. Like anything, mastering a built-in camera takes practice regardless of.

Dual cameras are the future, and the Huawei Mate 9 does it really well
Apple's Portrait Mode uses both lenses to add depth to a photo, resulting in a blurry background ... before digital zoom takes over and often wreaks havoc on your photos. Then there's Motorola and Huawei, who use a traditional camera, and a second.

How to use Apple’s new iOS 11 camera effects on your iPhone
In this mode, the camera captures 1.5 seconds of video ... and it works best with a subject staying still while the background moves, or vice versa. Above left, you can see our photo editor Les Shu is blurry likely because our iPhone wasn’t as stable.

Step Up And Explore The Wonders Of Photography With The Compact Yet Powerful New Canon EOS M100 Camera
Compact, Stylish and Packed with Canon technology, the EOS M100 is the Newest Interchangeable-Lens Camera Option for Users Ready to Take their Photography to the Next ... To make a scene brighter or blur backgrounds, users simply select their desired.

The iPhone X camera is like a photo studio in your pocket
The combination of hardware and software in these new machines could better be likened to a movie FX or photography ... to blur the background in portraits, and make the subject pop against it. This mimics the same effect in regular cameras, only there.

5 ways your iPhone 7 Plus' camera is getting upgraded
iOS 11 has plenty of goodies in store for iPhone 7 Plus photography ... second camera. Just like you can go back and edit Live Photos with iOS 11, you can also go back and edit photos snapped in Portrait mode with blurred backgrounds.

The iPhone 8's new camera mode needs a lot of work
It's an enhancement to last year's Portrait photo ... the iPhone's camera closer to a high-end DSLR through software enhancements. Portrait mode's software separates the subject from their surroundings and creates a blurred effect in the background.