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Rocker Meets Soccer, Witheringly
On Nov. 19, Mark E. Smith, the witheringly cynical singer for the British band the Fall, read soccer results on a BBC television show, "Score and Final Score." First he cleared his throat -- he seemed to have a cold -- and then, in a voice like a sharp.

Lessons Learned Along Europe’s Road to Renewables
Photo: Siemens The Anholt offshore wind farm, located off the eastern coast of Denmark, consists of 11 turbines, each with a 3.5-megawatt capacity. In total, Denmark now has 4.9 gigawatts of wind capacity, which supplied 39 percent of the country’s.

Japan's nuclear reactor overreaction
UPDATE: Wow, minutes after I posted this, an explosion is being reported at the third reactor site. I mentioned in this post the third reactor was in trouble, so this may be another hydrogen combustion explosion as happened in the other two. I’ll put.

Smart Gas Metering Market Forecast 2017-2027
TheSmart Gas Metering Market Forecast 2017-2027 [] responds to your need for definitive market data: Read on to discover how you can exploit the future business.