Bower Bird Photography Techniques

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Natural predation, sardines are preyed upon by cape gannet birds and common dolphins. The hunt begins with common dolphins that have developed special hunting techniques . With remarkable eyesight, the gannets follow the dolphins before diving in a&nbsp.

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The phone version doesn't get quite as many new, shiny features a previous major updates, but it does get new augmented reality capabilities, a redesigned Control Center, Camera and Photos app improvements, a revamped App Store, Apple Pay in Messenger.

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he views these aesthetic and structural attributes as emulations of nature. With a colour spectrum that favours rich metallic tones and off whites, he has actively reintegrated age-old techniques like bronze-casting through intuitive leaps and.

Regent bowerbird, an intelligent builder - Australian Geographic (blog)
THE REGENT BOWERBIRD (Sericulus chrysocephalus) is not only incredibly beautiful and intelligent, but the species has given rise to one of the rarest birds in Australia - a hybrid of the regent and satin species, which has only ever been photographed.

Townsville birdlife stars in nature blockbuster
This is a male Great bower bird living in Townsville ... “We’re competing with Hollywood now,” but with new stabilisation techniques, drones, camera ‘hides’ and 4k resolution cameras, even a Hollywood composer for the musical score, viewers.

Ethnic minorities celebrate HKSAR's 20th Anniversary by sharing beauty of the city through photography - South China Morning Post
Among the exhibited pictures was one taken by Adnan. Hong Kong Nature Reserve Area shows the beauty of Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung. As many photographers will attest, a powerful image is as much about photography techniques as it is about the struggle&nbsp.

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As a result, the photographic potential of urban environments is often overlooked in favour of more natural landscapes. Despite this, cities offer numerous opportunities across many genres of photography and none more so than for those who enjoy.

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We're on somewhat of a dance photography kick here at DS, so we figured we'd keep it going in a very big way: an exclusive interview with Rachel Neville, the photographer responsible for all those absolutely drool-worthy dance photos on your Instagram.

Quick tips: Mindful photography - Amateur Photographer
When we fail to pay attention to the present moment, and become preoccupied with the past or the future, we miss a great opportunity to experience the world as it really is: to really see the mountain, to feel the cold air, to hear the call of a bird.

Monmouth Museum presents 'Animal Architects'
A new exhibition at Monmouth Museum explores this ongoing relationship through the works of 11 New Jersey artists. "Animal Architects: Influences on ... homage to the extravagant mating rituals of male bowerbirds. Ceramicist Kathleen Hayden Preziosi.