Brightness Range Digital Photography

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Lighting for Digital Photography: The Five Characteristics of Light
our monitors can display a wider range of light than printers can print. Every generation of gear narrows the gap between what we see and what it can capture, display, or print. Eventually, I expect that this gap will become a non-issue. In the meantime.

Are Graduated Neutral Density Filters Obsolete in the Age of HDR?
Photography ... to compress the brightness range in the scene by blocking some of the light in the brightest area of the frame from reaching the camera's recording media. This is the principal on which the graduated neutral density filter (or GND for.

Rotolight expands ANOVA LED light range
Lots of new ANOVA products from Rotolight, including bi-colour and single colour floodlights Rotolight has announced new releases in its ANOVA range of LED light products. Following the launch of the ANOVA LED Floodlight last year is the Version 2 Anova.

Manfrotto Upgrades Kata D-Light Range
Manfrotto Distribution has unveiled the latest models in the Kata D-Light Camera Bag line. Among the new models are new versions of the classic Kata DR Digital Rucksacks and ... perfect for beginning or advanced photography enthusiasts.”.

Photo Book Reviews #19 Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography
Now HDR promises to extend the light range a great deal further. After an overview of HDR photography, the author discusses methods of capturing images for HDR processing. He next presents a discussion of two major tools of HDR photography, merging and.

Digital Photography How-To: Building a Light Tent
Note that they’re placed at different levels to vary the light angles. The flash on your digital camera is designed to illuminate a large area evenly. When you’re working with close-up photography ... determine is the focal range of your camera.

Night Photography with a Digital Camera
Digital cameras have brought a great flexibility and power to the world of night photography ... Knowing how much light you have to work with is the same with digital or film. For light levels down the range of LV 2 to LV 0 or so, a light meter can.

High Dynamic Range In Digital Photography
Working with your Dynamic Range will aim to create digital photography images as your own eye would see them; even light all over the scene. In the digital photography world Dynamic Range simply refers to the range of light (luminance) vales from the.

The Zone System and Light Meters in Digital Photography (Podcast 503)
The ISO range can also seem a little confusing, but again you get used to it. Film years ago was much slower, or less sensitive to light, but these days, although some digital cameras ... but in color photography, let’s call it the mid-tone, as it.

What Is Dynamic Range?
If you have ever wondered how dynamic range and tonal range affect your digital photography results ... dynamic range can most often be seen in high contrast images. If the light is too harsh, the camera may 'blow out' the highlights and leave no detail.