Chicago digital photography meetup

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DOBE WE” organizes crash-course for all lovers of photography. This time ... Zhoujie Zhang is an independent designer and digital artist. He believes that objects in the digital world can grow and morph much like things found in the nature, and he.

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He is also the cofounder of ONA’s Tampa Bay chapter and cofounder of Tampa Bay Media & Digital, a meetup group for locals who work in news media or on the internet.

Pokémon Go is doing a lot of good, here are 3 surprising ways
I can testify that some of the people who showed up at the Pokémon Go meetup in Chicago acted like, well, fanatics. About 5.000 people showed up at a Pokémon Go meeting near Cloud Gate in Chicago last Sunday. (Photo: Lucia Maffei/TechCrunch) But even.

Meet up with like-minded hikers, campers, dog lovers
Members of the Hiking with Cameras Asheville Meetup group take photos recently on Roan Mountain. (Photo: Photo courtesy of Wendy Oslen ... Jerome Smith, a meditation instructor, moved from Chicago to Asheville about 10 years ago for the outdoors lifestyle.

Local marketing guru to present at Chicago conference
A local marketing guru, who owns a Crown Point-based marketing, content development and social media firm, will present at an upcoming conference in the Chicago suburbs. Mystic Waters Media owner Michael Finney will give a talk at JoomlaDay Chicago 2015.

Dad wants to date, but first he needs a clue is a simple and brilliant concept — groups form around a variety of interests and post a notice on the site, inviting anyone to "meet up." My local community has "meet-up" groups for photography ... Skype or email or digital pictures, but.

Neil graciously accepted the assignment of photographing the meet up and all photo credits for this ... concepts which ran the gamut from digital wallets to mining pools/guilds. The Chicago Bitcoin Meetup ended around half past ten with the.

How Wrigley, Texas Instruments, PayPal, Instagram pivoted and won
One feature let players save pics, and it proved so popular they moved away from games and built a photo-sharing service. The payoff: Flickr became the go-to home for digital photos and ... a friend-meetup service and a photo-sharing tool.

New Naperville Photography Meetup Group Reaches 100 Members in First Month
NAPERVILLE, IL -- The newly formed Naperville Photography Meetup Group is gathering steam, attracting 100 members in the first month and headed for their biggest outing yet. "I was going out at dawn and dusk to take pictures by myself, so I thought there.

New Tech City
Photo by Brendan McDermid/Reuters ... surpassing the number in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, or any of the other American cities sometimes touted as “the next Silicon Valley.” New York Tech Meetup’s unofficial “Made in NYC” list of homegrown.