Closed Guard Basics Of Photography

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Catalonia's Independence Referendum, in Photographs - New York Times
Catalonia, the restive northeastern region that is Spain's economic powerhouse, attempted to hold an independence referendum on Sunday. The central government in Madrid, with the support of Spanish courts, said the vote was unconstitutional and did&nbsp.

‘Foto Baryo’ haven for photographers
Rodriguez, however, also had to occasionally leave for Canada to attend to her personal affairs, rendering Foto Baryo closed when both are ... on weekdays and worked as a security guard at International Center of Photography (ICP) in Manhattan on weekends.

The Storm Reaches Puerto Rico: 'There Is Nothing Like This' - New York Times
The governor said 1,000 National Guard troops would be on duty by Wednesday night, and ordered most state government offices closed on Friday. He urged people to stock up on basics and refill their prescriptions, and said the state was working to.

Cool jobs in sports -- Cassy Athena, your favorite NBA player's favorite photographer - ESPN
I only know when a player has a workout or an event if they directly invite me or if someone close to them invites me. The players trust me. The NBA is like a big fraternity, and it's very closed off. Once you're in the [inner circle] with one person.

This Photo Shows How Close Air Canada's Plane Was to Crashing at San Francisco's Airport - Fortune
On July 7, Air Canada Flight 759 narrowly missed landing on a taxiway filled with four fully-loaded (fuel and passengers) wide-body planes at San Francisco International Airport. The flight was cleared for the appropriate runway—28R—but it lined up.

Historic Flooding Far From Over: Hundreds of Roads Closed and Vital Waterways Shut Down - The Weather Channel
Authorities said Wednesday that it's unclear when traffic would be reopened along the closed 14-and-a-half-mile stretch of the Mississippi River. The passageway vital for transporting goods and agricultural products was closed by the U.S. Coast Guard.

China Has Blocked Most WhatsApp Service as Screws Tighten on Internet Use - Fortune
China Blocks WhatsApp, Broadening Online Censorship New York Times.

Photo of waves crashing over Outer Banks pier goes viral – but it's not real - News & Observer
A photo of monstrous waves crashing over an Outer Banks pier went viral on Monday – but it's fake. The photo of Jennette's Pier in Nags Head was posted by Facebook user Alex Lex, an Outer Banks photographer on Monday with the caption “Hurricane&nbsp.

Ohio National Guard medical unit in Puerto Rico finds rewards of hurricane relief work both ways (photos, video)
Patients signed in and got a basic health examination. More serious cases were referred to tables staffed by National Guard and Public Health Service ... "I haven't seen my doctor and his office is closed. I'm out of medication," he said.

Tense win over LA a crowd-pleaser for NT - Daily North Shore
PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOEL LERNER. How Seattle ... The Trevians closed things out in impressive fashion. They scored 12 ... LA senior guard Kevin Cunningham rang up three NBA-like three-pointers in the third quarter to finish with nine points. After a rather&nbsp.

How Burley built the market for child cycle trailers
In 2003, cooperative membership was closed, with all subsequent ... in charge of photography, videography and the website. “I definitely felt self-conscious about (coming to Burley),” Nick told the Register Guard in 2016. “You don’t want people.

Multiple Weapons Found in Las Vegas Gunman's Hotel Room - New York Times
The Las Vegas Shooting Is the Deadliest in Modern US History TIME.

'Need Help ASAP.' The Story Behind the Photo of Nursing Home Residents Trapped in Hurricane Flood Water - TIME
Nursing home patients rescued from Harvey floodwaters, with help from a haunting viral photo New York Daily News.

The True Meaning of the Great American Eclipse - TIME
Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers | Solar Eclipse Across America Solar Eclipse Across America - American Astronomical Society.

The Story Behind the Photo of a Texas Cop Carrying 2 Kids Through Waist-Deep Water - TIME
Sheriff's Deputy Rick Johnson was helping Texans in need of rescue from heavy flooding Sunday when a colleague snapped a photo of him carrying a small child in each of his arms. The image, taken as Tropical Storm Harvey slammed into the Houston area,&nbsp.