Commercial photography lighting techniques for portraits

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The Basics of Three Point Lighting for Portraits
If you studied photography in school, you no doubt learned the classic three-point lighting method for portraits. But if you’re self-taught, this enormously useful technique may not yet be in your repertoire. If you fall in the latter category.

Lessons on properly lighting dark-skinned actors from “Insecure” director of photography Ava Berkofsky
so I never gave it a thought what it would take to light a model with dark skin. Therefore, I found these tips from Ava Berkofsky really interesting. Of course, they’ll also be useful for all portrait photographers or cinematographers working with models.

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips
Putting Together a Budget DIY Lighting System for under Osity- I'm pinning this onto my Photography Tips board. There's some good ideas there! Group photo posing cheat sheet -- best tips for group photos and single portraits is pay attention to the details.

Portrait Tips: Use HDR For Softer Light
If you know anything about HDR, you probably know it shouldn’t be used for portraits. High Dynamic Range photography techniques usually increase ... and it can help rescue portraits made in bad lighting. I made this picture late in the morning on a.

Shutter Release: Portrait lighting setup, large format portraiture, Photoshop tips, Yashica’s return and more
Photographer Dmitry Bocharov wrote an excellent overview of some outdoor portraiture he did. He used a Profoto B1 flash with an OCF Beauty Dish and a blue gel to overpower and complement the sun. His article has a lighting breakdown, camera settings and a.

5 Essential Portrait Lighting Tips You Need to Know
We’re bringing you 5 portrait photography lighting tips that you can apply to indoor, outdoor, or artificial lighting setups. Even with very minimal sunlight, there is always light direction. Simply hold out your hand in front of your face and turn and.

To those familiar with his work it will come as no surprise that South African born Adriaan van Heerden has been Highly Commended in the photography ... is a fine art commercial photojournalist known for documentary travel, portraits and creative industries.

"iPhone X and the Rise of Computational Photography"- TDS Podcast 602
First, let's define computational photography: The theory was that software algorithms could do more than dutifully process photos, but actually make photos better in the process. "The output of these techniques ... but the portrait lighting function.

Why Less Is More for Portrait Retouching
In truth I’ve spent years learning the intricacies of Capture One Pro, Photoshop, and the various retouching techniques ... of a portrait shoot such as the hair and makeup, choosing the right model (if that is an option), and using the right lighting.

Evolution of Senior Class Portrait: Headshots They're Not
But the classic senior portrait ... and lighting, along with professionally styled hair and makeup. Some photographers even specialize in so-called "extreme" photo shoots, involving the use of green screens and more complex photography techniques.