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Notable Books
THE COMPLETE WORKS OF ISAAC BABEL. Edited by Nathalie Babel. (Norton, $39.95.) The total product of the marvelous writer who tried to create a synthesis ... The narrator, our educator and guide, examines the inner thoughts of the book's inhabitants until.

TIFF List: Toronto’s Complete 2009 Lineup
Venice 1763 – writer Lorenzo da Ponte is leading a pleasure-seeking life ... when nothing was necessarily what it seemed to be. Mark (Colin Farrell), a war photographer, returns home from Kurdistan without his friend and colleague David (Jamie Sives.

Whoops, Spotify's Web Player No Longer Works on Apple's Safari Browser
De La Soul performs at a Spotify event in New York in 2016. Music streaming service Spotify no longer officially supports Apple’s Safari browser, and Safari users who attempt to access it say they are being redirected to use another browser or download.

Giant virus discovery sparks debate over tree of life
Evolutionary biologists have never known what to make of viruses, arguing over their origins for decades. But a newly discovered group of giant viruses, called Klosneuviruses, could be a 'missing link' that helps to settle the debate — or provoke even.

This Week In The Business: Activate The Spin Cycle
QUOTE | “There’s Atari, Acclaim, Infogrames, Hasbro Interactive, 3DO and THQ. They all failed to change when change was required, resulting in complete collapse and failure not only to their own companies, but also causing massive damaging ripples.

Best Books of 2009: The Complete List
Use the list below to browse NPR's Best Books of 2009 recommendations. Each critic's list is presented ... $40 Science: The Definitive Visual Guide, by Adam Hart-Davis, Hardcover, 512 pages, DK Adult, list price: $50 Photo-wisdom: Master Photographers.

Oh great. Now we have lightning equipped with lasers.
Oh, when will scientists learn? First it was laser pointers, then sharks with lasers. Now? Lightning storms with lasers. [Click to enteslanate.] What could possibly go wrong? Dun dun DUNNNNNNNN. I was interested to read that the laser had a power of about.

How to Skim a Textbook When You Don’t Have Time to Read
I’ve been both a student and an instructor, and I totally get it. Textbooks are dry and hard to read. But if you don’t have time to read the whole chapter like you’re supposed to, there is actually a better solution than just glazing your eyes over.

FIFA Executive Chuck Blazer Has Died
Chuck Blazer, an influential and controversial figure in the history of American soccer, has died, as first reported by Jack Bell and confirmed by Andrew Das of the New York Times. He was 72. Blazer was CONCACAF’s General Secretary from 1990 to 2011.

Top to bottom, Grand Lake produces for tournament anglers this weekend
Father-son team Farrell and Clayton Coppin took second place ($2,500) with 15.69 pounds. The big-bass $1,000 check Saturday went to Jeff Deffenbaugh and Laddie Beebe II for their 6.45 bass. The highlight of the Falcon Grand Challenge — proceeds of which.