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New York Film Review: Alex Gibney's 'No Stone Unturned' - Variety
massacre (a good example of why dramatizations in documentaries, even when they're by good filmmakers, almost always come off as chintzy and manipulative, like something on a tabloid news show), and he shows us grisly photographs of the aftermath.

Blackmagic unveils DeckLink 8K Pro capture card for 'real time 8K workflows'
2020, which is, "a massive color space designed for high dynamic range Ultra HD and digital cinema work in 4K and 8K ... 8K Pro is built into an easy to install 8 lane generation 3 PCI Express for Mac, Windows, and Linux workstations.

Homeless kids put their hopes and dreams in pictures
Photojournalist Linda Solomon created "Pictures of Hope" to give children the opportunity to express themselves and their dreams through photography ... one-on-one instruction from Solomon and free digital cameras donated by Walgreens.

Coffee Shops Skip Wi-Fi to Encourage Customers to Actually Talk - New York Times
Jimson Bienenstock, the president of HotBlack, said the shop opened last year without Wi-Fi with the express intent of getting customers to — gasp! — talk to one another instead of burying their faces in laptops. “It's about creating a social vibe.

6 Camera Tips: Take better photos on Android
In a standard digital camera exposure is adjusted with a combination ... One of the most basic principles of photography is the “Rule of Thirds,” which breaks down the plane of an image into nine quadrants based on equal horizontal and vertical divisions.

New Finnish Landscapes Captured Within Jars by Christoffer Relander
“Photography to me is a way to express and stimulate my imagination. Nature is simply the world. With alternative and experimental camera techniques I am able to create artworks that otherwise only would be possible through painting or digital.

Remembering the Doolittle Tokyo Raid - San Angelo Standard Times
Seventy-five years ago, April 18, 1942, only four months after the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, a daring air strike against the Japanese mainland took place. The historical event is known as the Doolittle Tokyo Raid. In those four.

A young survivor finds a refuge in Maine
Dixon took a break from photography, but in high school he began to explore digital media. Jacob Mitchell ... It is what drives him to art, to express himself to show that there is more than this exterior.” He said Dixon worried about whether his.

Selena Quintanilla's estate sues record label for digital royalties -
Selena Quintanilla's estate sues record label for digital royalties. By Joshua Fechter. Published 10:57 am, Tuesday, April 7, 2015. Selena Quintanilla, female vocalist of the Year for 1987, singing on stage during the. Publicity photo of Selena Y Los.

Gloria Trevi's blond ambition - San Antonio Express
Gloria Trevi has a rough, raspy voice that hits you in the face, both on record and in person. Her laugh - a lusty growl that starts in her gut - shoots through a room. It's the sound of experience, of a woman who has been on top of the world, only to.

3 Social Media Influencers on What They Do All Day
I maintain a blog and a YouTube channel, do photography part-time and design clothes for my ... I’m encouraged to be totally subjective and express my personal opinions. I am very careful about drawing a line between both sides of my job.

THE BUZZ: Peru Hy-Vee full-service restaurant converting to self-serve eatery
Peru Hy-Vee is converting several of its in-store full-service restaurants from a Hy-Vee Market Grille to a Market Grille Express. Market Grille Express ... Visiting with Santa is free and digital photography packages are available. Santa will remain.

A story behind every jangling Fiesta medal -
Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of different medals have been designed and manufactured this year, and 140 of them were entered in an Express -News competition judged by Justice Luz Elena Chapa of the Fourth Court of Appeals; Joe Diaz, one of the.

How to Know If Your Photo is Good or Not
Photography groups are great learning tools because they bring together like-minded people for the express purpose of learning about ... Luckily, we live in the digital age, and there are plenty of online groups - like our very own forums and galleries.

SAP CMO Alicia Tillman on marketers' evolving role, brand safety and implementing innovative thinking
Tillman explains that the reasons for this, includes the emergence of the CMO in the technology mix, an increasing number of digital channels to interact ... The former American Express executive explains that as recently the Internet has seen a rise.