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This 8 minute episode of Ian Wong's Digital Darkroom series explores the thought process while taking travel photos , how to manage expectations, and the importance of taking photographs just for fun. Wong talks ... “As any kind of creative person,” he.

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Do you know all about GoPro? How's your photography terminology? As always, we've also got some wacky facts in there to see if you can guess whether they're true or false. Think you know a lot about photography and camera technology? Tackle the quiz&nbsp.

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Photographer Cristina Mittermeier has camped at the South Pole, gotten close enough to a grizzly bear to smell its breath, and was almost eaten by a whale. She started her career as a biologist, using data to help preserve natural ecosystems. But when.

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Anyone with a smartphone can call themselves a photographer ; but does that mean the artistry has fizzled? Not in the least. I like to ... It's the same with photography : you need skill, instinct, and creativity to create a stunning photo , whether your.

Top Press Photography images of the week - Amateur Photographer
Each week we like to highlight some of our favourite topical press photography images of the week as captured by Press Association photographers. Top Press Photography . The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry look at tributes to Diana, Princess of&nbsp.

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It's something Missouri-based photographer Phillip Haumesser hopes to prove with his 'before and after' gallery of family snaps, illustrating how even drab locations can be dressed up with the right tricks. Mr Haumesser only started teaching himself.

How to Photograph Motion
Remember though, no matter how many hot tips you read ... as a professional photographer for both events and creative projects, I’ve learned some tried and tested techniques for capturing motion in photography. Here are the basics: Freezing (All Crisp.

How to Sharpen Your Photos in Lightroom Without Going Too Far - PetaPixel (blog)
I really like this couple giving out good advice on Youtube. saywhatuwill • 3 ... To suggest that someone who isn't as versed in the esoterica of sharpening, or who might tend to oversharpen, shouldn't be a photographer is a prime example of the.

Five Easy Tips for Breaking a Creative Block - Fstoppers
Just as such, these useful tips for regaining your creative control are based in the ability to reset the mind. Understanding this principle is especially helpful; ... As a photographer , we are often very individualistic in our endeavors. Long hours in.

RPS photography competition winner shares the emotional loss behind her images - Amateur Photographer
“I think I'm photographing my connection to my family when I'm doing it but also I think I'm photographing about their loss because their mum died, and their grandmother. “It's probably also a little about my loss because it was my sister. So, it's.

Five Exposure Tips Every Landscape Photographer Should Know
If you’re a landscape photography enthusiast and you’re looking to improve ... below we share five Exposure-specific editing tips that every landscape photographer needs to incorporate in a seamless routine: If you’re ever editing a landscape shot.

Capturing Olympic motion with creative photo techniques
The Darkroom highlights the art of motion by featuring some of the best experimental photography being taken at the 2012 Olympics in London. Weightlifting, canoeing and badminton are a few of the latest sports to be added to the creative series below.