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5 thoughts and tips to consider with professional product photography – learning from those who do ... camera can capture and create stunning portraits with just a little creative thinking and an understanding of how the camera works its best.

7 Tips to Get More Creative Photos of Well-Known Landmarks
Photographing landmark buildings when you visit a new place, or even places closer to home is ... the sky is brighter than the foreground will allow you to use creative post-processing techniques like digital blending. Alternatively, you can use graduated.

8 location scouting tips from a pro location manager
In this video, he shares his top eight tips for location scouting like a pro ... You’ll also find out how iconic the place is based on the number of searches (and it’s harder to film in iconic locations). Sometimes, you’ll even discover some.

50 Tutorials for Designing Website in Photoshop – Ultimate Roundup
Design a Sleek Textured Blue Portfolio – Here is a tutorial on how to design a sleek elegant portfolio with textures and creative layout. You will use textures, layer styles, shapes, and blending modes. Design an Elegant Photography Website in Photoshop.

8 rules for working with a creative agency
By following these eight tips, you can help ensure strategies are aligned ... Make a solid plan together. Photography and video shoots are highly creative, fast-paced and fun, but they can also be stressful without careful, advance planning by both parties.

Music Logo Designs: Gallery, Tips, and Best Practices
You may be wondering why you’ll need something that will put restraints on how creative you can get ... Music logo design inspirations can be found from a person, place, song or an object. Just grab an idea, and play around with it, you’ll be surprised.

The A to Z of low-light photography
Whether you want to learn how to take photos of the night sky, find out how to paint with light or just want to know the right camera settings for night photography, these essential tips will give ... the stars in the same place – and cameras can use.

Artists Gallery a staple of Racine's creative community
AG members often give demonstrations of their techniques, and a member is always on site to answer questions. Places like the Artists Gallery are important to our city, Peters said, because they highlight the creative aspects of our community. While some.

6 Creative Photography Tricks You Can Try at Home
But sometimes all you need is a few simple tips for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing again. The video above is all about easy, at-home photography tricks to ... secure the glass in place, and spray the front with the water bottle.

Into the woods at the V&A’s exhibition of trees in photography
Rather than just being illustrative of botanics or illustrative of a place then ... and ranges from practical photography and botanic illustration to work that is much more experimental. “Much of it is about personal creative expression and how the.