Depth in digital photography

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How Computational Photography is Changing Your Conception of Photography
But in digital photography, light is converted into bits of data ... Increasingly, cameras will capture more dimensions of information. Active depth sensing is an obvious candidate that will dramatically increase everything from creative photography.

The iPhone Era | TIME Covers Signal Big Changes In Professional Photography
In the rapidly-changing landscape that is professional photography ... which simulates a shallow depth of field convincingly and a slew of editing apps that make the most of your shot right on your device, it’s no wonder digital point and shoot sales.

Aperture in Photography
Varying the size also controls the depth of field, which is the amount of focus we can have in our pictures. Taking better images starts with taking control over your camera. Learning what aperture is and how it can improve your photography is a good start.

DxO’s mobile photography benchmark now tests dual cameras and depth effects
A phone with an additional telephoto camera will necessarily perform better on a zoom test than a phone that’s relying on digital zoom ... blur the background of a photo in a traditional sense, artificial depth effects will be considered for this.

Flipkart partners with digital platform ScoopWhoop to creatively engage customers in India
After Amazon opened fashion photography studio to strengthen ties with brands and creative talent in India, Flipkart moved to partner with India's multiplatform digital content networks ... on the immense reach and depth of ScoopWhoop with minimum.

Best 7 Monitors for Photography Work in 2017
As photographers we are, image is everything, so the most accurate results we get in image reproduction quality, the closer we will get to predicting the outcome of our work in case of digital mediums or printed images. There are three common formats of.

How Thievery and Samsung teamed up with WORLD to rethink Fashion Week photography
For more advanced photo-taking, the Live Focus feature allows a user to control the depth of field by allowing adjustment ... of smartphone cameras becoming generalised and being used over digital cameras? “After using the Note8, I feel that a phone.

Top 22 Wedding Photographers In Delhi NCR
He graduated from College of Art, Chandigarh and completed Digital photography training in New ... within it and you are going to be left wonderstruck by the depth of Avnish Dhoundiyal’s photography. Avnish Dhoundiyal is the founder of the photography.

Filmmaking Meets Photography: Extracting Stills from 4K+ Footage
Once you have learned to harness both photo and video, it becomes second nature. The quality of both video and still images from 6k is superb – sharpness depth and resolution ... We’ve now entered a digital age. Professional studios will often need.

A look into the augmented future of photography
As I’ve mentioned before in these reviews, I have a lengthy history in photography. I’ve been a working pro ... There’s also a new color filter. Given that digital camera color filters haven’t changed much in years, I was curious about the details.