Desaturated High Contrast Photography Techniques

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His techniques and innovations came to shape film-making history. Wong Howe was born in China, but, aged five, moved to the US with the rest of his family after his father had settled there. He became interested in photography from an early age.

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You can create beautiful and interesting high contrast black and white images using the Channel Mixer adjustment layer. Go Layer>New Adjustment Layer->Channel Mixer and tick on “Monochrome” in the Channel Mixer dialog box. Slide the red, green, and&nbsp.

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My name is Piotr Skoczylas, and I am a surreal portrait photographer . I picked up a camera 3 years ago, and since that moment I knew I wanted my pictures to be something more than just the click of the shutter. I was experimenting for a really long.

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In the image below, I let the sun flare out and this created a more ethereal look with muted contrast. It was just a small shift ... tutorials will help you with understanding flash photography techniques and concepts. While not quite hands-on, this.

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My name is Jake Hicks, and I'm an editorial and fashion photographer based in the UK. In this article, I'll ... This detail sharpening is the one that is increasing edge contrast the most and is the technique we use to give our images a little visual.

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In the image above, even though the color used on the background square is very different from the one used on the foreground square, it's nonetheless extremely uncomfortable to look at, despite the high level of contrast . If the foreground was text.

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The tutorial will concentrate on portraiture, however, if you are a street, landscape, or still life photographer , most principles can apply. Let's start with Capture One Pro ... We could use levels and curves to bring the dark tones back up, but.

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One of the biggest things I've learned in the last year is how much of an impact the editing process has, so I've written this post to share some of the before and afters of my work in the hope it can point other aspiring photographers in the right.

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A great solar eclipse photography strategy is to extensively bracket ... A technique that can be used to bring out some contrast in the corona is via Photoshop's High Pass filter. There are a number of ways to do this, but here is one of them: Select.

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Imagine yourself under a starry night sky. Wouldn't it be great to capture the Milky Way to show it at home or on the web? Unfortunately, you are left with a black frame after you've pointed the camera upwards at settings you are used to. It's time to.

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Aerial photography has always been something that I have found interesting. Seeing so many of our writers like David Geffin, Mike Kelley, and Noam Galai capture exciting photos and video from the sky has inspired me to finally attempt my first doors.