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Over a Tapeta surface that favored outside closers, Ghostly Presence rated kindly toward the rear of the field while wide in the seven-furlong ... “She didn’t look well. She was too light. Her color was bad. She wasn’t training very well, but she.

Olsson Associates gets authority to use drones
LiDAR is light detection and ranging, used to get a highly accurate map of the earth and objects. Harris is a geospatial analyst who says he has always enjoyed model aircraft and photography/videography ... in a variety of fields. The firm has more.

Light-Field Photography Revolutionizes Imaging
Single Snapshot: With light-field photography ... he won the Nobel Prize in physics for color photography—the French scientist Gabriel Lippmann invented something he called “the integral camera” [PDF]. His idea was to use an array of tiny lenses.

Light And Dark: The Racial Biases That Remain In Photography
Some of the pictures were taken within moments of one another," she wrote in a story for Buzzfeed, digging into an "inherited bias" in photography against dark ... see how white skin fared in a high-contrast light situation. So the Shirley cards became.

The Ultimate Guide to Nature and Outdoor Photography
Subscribe to download your free 50 page pdf. We respect your email privacy. High on a ridge in the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska, I had an epiphany. It had to do with photography ... light is allowed into the camera, and it controls the depth of field.

A Beginner’s Guide To Digital Photography
Read More), but if you buy a camera today, there’s a good chance it’s going to be digital. This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download A Beginner’s Guide To Digital Photography ... s All About Light: The Artistic Eye Photography.

10 Basic Things Indie Filmmakers Need to Know about Digital Cinematography Before Shooting
However, if your background is in still photography or if you’re new to digital ... of field (DOF) allows filmmakers to blur out areas of the image they deem to be unimportant or undesired. 5. Exposure & Aperture Exposure refers to the amount of light.

Enclosed Camera for Low-Light Industrial Imaging – Lu075
brochures and pricing requirements Request A Quote Download PDF Copy Download Brochure The Lu075 enclosed camera series from Lumenera is designed to be used in a wide range of industrial applications, specifically those with low light conditions.

Basics of Photography: Your Camera’s Manual Settings
The important thing to remember is that a wide aperture, like f/1.8, lets in more light and provides a shallow depth of field (meaning less of the ... All of this still applies to digital photography, but it's called an ISO rating instead.