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If I'd Known What We Were Starting
and they set about recruiting more people for long-term support of the project, and I stepped aside. There were several reasons why. The main one though, is that I've been interested in digital cash protocols since before 1995. I was more aware than anyone.

The New York Times Magazine - New York Times
Russian presidents are limited to two consecutive terms ; Putin endorsed Medvedev as his successor and served as his prime minister before returning to the presidency.) The main Russian international news service, RIA Novosti, hired journalists from.

People struggle to detect photo manipulation and can't tell genuine photos from forgeries - Amateur Photographer
Manipulating digital photos used to be the preserve of highly skilled editors using expensive desktop computer software. But advances in technology and software tools has made advanced photo manipulation possible on a smartphone, so anybody with a&nbsp.

Spot faked photos using digital forensic techniques - Popular Science
Spot faked photos using digital forensic techniques. You're not very good at recognizing faked ... “Sometimes if you zoom into an image up to 500%, it's very easy to look at something that's perfectly valid, like artifacts from lens distortions or.

From Sex Object to Gritty Woman: The Evolution of Women in Stock Photos
In 2007, the top-selling image for the search term “woman” in Getty Image’s library of stock photography was a naked woman lying ... which would be key to a certain definition of feminism,” she said. Either way, it’s part of a cultural embrace.

Artist documents roadside memorials though photographs -
he photographs them. "I don't want to be judgmental or filter these things," he said. "They are what they are. I don't touch the sites and I don't manipulate the things. Being true to being a photographic documentarian means photographing what's.

An Empathy Question - New York Times
While surges do mitigate shortages, they do so in part by repelling passengers, something directly at odds with Uber's long- term goal of dominating the industry. “For us, it's better not to surge,” said Daniel Graf, Uber's vice president of product.

What Brexit should have taught us about voter manipulation - The Guardian
EU campaign, used botnets or any other illegal activity – it seeks to use the web to manipulate public opinion through legal means . Legal though such methods are, the sinister nature of this manipulation requires robust regulation. Broadcast.

When whimsical wildlife photography isn't what it seems - PBS NewsHour
It seemed lucky for the photographer to capture such an odd behavior in nature. Too lucky … Plus, the picture was reminiscent of a viral photo from 2015, involving a frog “riding” a beetle. That photo had been discredited as staged, and people accused.

Image doctoring must be halted -
Many news outlets have followed a code of conduct about image manipulation almost since the era of digital photography began: photos can be cropped, but may not be doctored unless the manipulation is flagged. Science has in some ways been slower to&nbsp.

Modern technology is transforming the photograph - CNN
As the great, already much lamented, art critic, presenter and writer John Berger said: "Seeing comes before words . The child ... Our times are defined by iPhone images made in an instant. They can be ... The various uses of digital technology in.