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Shutter Release: Portrait lighting setup, large format portraiture, Photoshop tips, Yashica’s return and more
It's neat to see a large format camera in use, especially for a modern commercial shoot. 10 tips for landscape photographers - Digital Photography School Photographer and educator Ray Salisbury made a video back in 2015 with 10 tips for landscape.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Landscape
Here are links to a few articles if you need help: 6 of the Best Smartphone Apps for Travel and Landscape Photography 5 Composition Tips for Landscape Photography The dPS Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography Tips for Processing Landscape Photos – from.

Picture perfect: Tips on how to choose the proper frame for artwork or portraits
This is the addition of colored or textured cardboard that will border or provide a background to two-dimensional artwork or photo. The first reason to add ... For a limited time, get a digital subscription for just $3.95 a month. Sign up now at.

5 Must-Have Nonprofit Digital Marketing Tools
That’s because there are powerful, easy-to-use digital marketing tools that can accomplish hours ... You can also easily create analytics reports showing off basic metrics to see how well your social posts are resonating with your followers (track.

PowerDirector 16 is the first basic video editor to include stabilization
Image stabilization is hard to come by for 360 cameras, but new software from CyberLink could change that. Capturing 360 footage is as easy as spending a few hundred dollars on a consumer camera and pressing a few buttons — and now editing immersive.

A look into the augmented future of photography
As I’ve mentioned before in these reviews, I have a lengthy history in photography. I’ve been a working pro photographer ... However, once you move beyond the basics of increasing resolution, basic optimization and adding catch-up computational.

16 Tips That Will Help You Make The Most Of Your Vacation
From pretrip planning to arriving at your destination, checking into your accommodations, and making sure you start the day fresh, these tips will help you switch ... the language barrier or situation. 2. Digital Download Apps can make exploring a new.

Digital photography class starts at Beloit Fine Arts Incubator in October
Local photographer Steve Bogdonas will teach attendees how to take top quality photos with their digital camera. The class is designed for the beginner through intermediate photographer. The course will cover camera basics ... and a mini-photo show.

newbie to digital camera. general buying tips ?
Hello I am a complete newbie to digital cameras and I have no passion for photography. I am looking for a digital camera because I want to take better pictures for my products than that of the camera on the smartphone. As a result, I will mostly only take.

Digital Photography - Indoor Photos
George Simian, a leading East-Coast commercial photographer (now based in LA) and educator (UCLA Extension, Samy’s Camera, American Photographic Artists) will show you how to master basic lighting ... Simian started out as a photography teacher in.