Digital photography camera types from the 80s

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Hands-on with Lomography's Lomo'Instant Square instant camera - Mashable
But whereas the SQ-10 is a round and molded hybrid camera with an LCD display on the back, has a memory card slot for saving digital copies, and settings for adding filters and editing photos live, the Instant Square is the first pure analog instant.

Paramore Tries to Find Itself in the '80s on 'After Laughter' - New York Times
Paramore, former bassist Jeremy Davis settle legal dispute The Tennessean.

RIP, Richard Benson: Photographer, Printer, and Educator - PetaPixel (blog)
R.I.P., Richard Benson: Photographer , Printer, and Educator ... By the late 80s and early 90s digital was beginning to be the hot topic. ... Most years at Northeastern I taught a view camera course and inevitably we would head off in a school van for.

Did You Know: Flash Memory is Named After the Camera Flash - PetaPixel (blog)
After seeing how the erasing process works, a Toshiba colleague named Shōji Ariizumi thought it reminded him of the camera flash in photography and how quickly a scene is illuminated, so he suggested that Masuoka name the new technology “flash&nbsp.

J. Geils, Whose Band's Catchy Pop Hits Colored the 1980s, Dies at 71 - New York Times
J. Geils, the guitarist who lent his name to the J. Geils Band, which in the early 1980s produced a string of catchy pop hits, including “Love Stinks,” “Freeze-Frame” and “Centerfold,” was found dead on Tuesday at his home in Groton, Mass. He was 71.

How Fan Ho, Hong Kong's poet with a camera, found his calling – in his own words - South China Morning Post
Unusually for a famous photographer , Fan Ho only ever owned one camera , a classic Rolleiflex 3.5 A ( type K4A) that he used as a young man. Ho was no ordinary photographer , though, and for many decades he was better known in Hong Kong as an actor&nbsp.

Don't Mourn Popular Photography - PetaPixel (blog)
Decades ago, I remember poring over the 42nd Street Camera ads in the back of Popular Photography —dreaming of owning a Nikon F3HP and some exotic lens—but the march of technological progress has been blindingly fast. Dedicated camera sales&nbsp.

Sexism in the Photo Industry: Can't We Do Better? - PDN Online
That includes subjects asking where the photographer is when they're looking right at her with a camera in hand; male colleagues explaining to a female photographer how her camera works; and male photographers pushing around female photographers at.

Polaroid is back with OneStep 2 camera
Polaroid — whose cameras were famously used by artists like Andy Warhol and Helmut Newton — launched 80 years ago this week ... a hybrid of instant film and digital. The Polaroid brand has a similar instant photo/digital camera hybrid called the.

Polaroid OneStep 2 brings back the pure analog experience
Celebrating 80 years ... instant camera that shoots that shoots re-engineered classic Type-600 Polaroid photos, Mashable reports. The camera is very similar to Instax’s Mini range. It lets you relive the good old polaroid photography.

Boulder weather: Temperatures in the 80s, possible rain through the weekend - Boulder Daily Camera
Boulder County should see temperatures top out in the mid- 80s today with a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms this evening, according to the National Weather Service. Today's high is expected to reach 86 under increasingly cloudy skies, with.

Photographer Snaps Grand American Libraries in All Their 360° Glory - PetaPixel (blog)
Today it is so easy to create digital panoramas by shooting multiple photos and stitching them with software, but not for Schiff. He has decided to conquer this interior landscape of books with a panoramic Hulcherama 120 film camera , which he says.

Polaroid Analog Instant Photography is Finally Returning in the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2
While Polaroid has been busy staying alive by lending their name to digital instant cameras, the Impossible ... some fun with analog instant photography again, it’s the film that’s killer — eight-packs of I-type film cost $16 each.

How to Use an Ancient Photo Trick to Create Surreal Digital Photos - PetaPixel (blog)
I recently rediscovered an old photography technique that allows you to add surreal color to photos that show movement in the frame. The technique seems to be new in the digital domain, but the technique itself has been known since the early era of.

Polaroid OneStep 2 Instant Camera Is Big On Nostalgia For Generation X
Being a child of the '80s, literally everyone I knew had a Polaroid instant camera. They were a staple of every holiday and birthday party growing up and if you open the photo albums at the ... with 600 film or i-type film. Features include a high-quality.