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Students take clot-buster for a spin - Phys.Org
The wire tip of a new device to break up blood clots in the bladder creates a vortex when it spins; this pulls clots in and dissolves them. Rice University students created the device as their senior engineering design project. Credit: Jeff Fitlow.

As NC Textile Jobs Fade, Denim Brightens Raleigh - NPR
In its heyday, the textile industry employed 40 percent of North Carolina's work force. Now that employment number is less than 2 percent. But Raleigh Denim has found a way to thrive in North Carolina by making blue jeans the old-fashioned way. RENEE&nbsp.

The dos and don’ts of drone photography
Ryan Copeland, a Dubai-based quadcopter enthusiast agrees. “The rights and responsibilities of individuals concerning photography, content publishing ... the UAE Cyber Crime Law (Federal Law No. 5 of 2012), using a visual device to invade the privacy.

Snapping bugs: What can we learn from insect images?
Since the early experiments of Victorian naturalists, enthusiasts have strived to record the exquisite ... "The combination of digital photography and the internet is providing opportunities for countrywide surveys of distribution and habitat," he explains.

A Bug's Life: Store Caters To Collectors Of Crawly Pets - NPR
Customers look at the inventory in Ken "The Bug Guy" MacNeil's pet store in Tucson, Ariz. Traci Roach hide caption. toggle caption. Traci Roach. Customers look at the inventory in Ken "The Bug Guy" MacNeil's pet store in Tucson, Ariz. Traci Roach. If.

72 Dams Removed in 2016, Improving Safety for River Communities - CANOE & KAYAK
A 2012 study found that every $1 million spent on Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration projects resulted in 10 to 13 jobs created or maintained. A 2010 study in Oregon found that every $1 million spent on forest and watershed restoration.

Polaroid photos make a comeback
Polaroid-style instant photography is making a comebnack as sales of digital cameras decline At a photography studio in Cleveland, instructor Nicole Follen is trying to convince her students to step back in time and technology—to the age of the humble.

There's a Digital Version of Disneyland's Fastpass System, But It Costs Money to Use It
For those who don’t want to run back and forth across the parks to collect paper Fastpass tickets, Disneyland has launched a digital version of the system: Maxpass. For $10 a day (or $75 a year for those with an annual pass), guests with the Disneyland.

Drones: From War Weapon To Homemade Toy - NPR
A homemade drone over Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley, Calif. Hobbyists and commercial manufacturers are anticipating new rules governing their domestic use. Larry Abramson/NPR hide caption. toggle caption. Larry Abramson/NPR. A homemade drone&nbsp.

Filipino lensmen capture Qatar in all its diversity
The event was attended by senior officials of Katara and the Philippine embassy in Doha, as well as diplomats from other Asean embassies, guests and photography enthusiasts. Speaking on behalf of Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti.

VLC Review: 2.1 "Rincewind" looks the same, plays better - PCWorld
The VideoLAN Player, a.k.a. VLC, rarely struts a flashy update. Its default look never changes, and the improvements are invariably under the hood. But it's free and powerful...and with its integrated codecs covering just about every type of media.

Pacific Island, Bigger Than Manhattan, Vanishes - NPR (blog)
But these folks, said a report written at the time by ham enthusiast Tim Totten, "are a determined bunch, and they are not always willing to take National Geographic maps or other obstacles at face value." It's not clear if they actually sailed to the.

The Higher Life - The New Yorker
Since 2012 , when the app launched, Headspace has been downloaded by three million users. Among its acolytes are Richard Branson, who put the company's ... For years, its high priest was Steve Jobs, a Zen enthusiast . These days, it's Chade-Meng Tan, a.

Delhi Metro reaches Faridabad: Metro Stations & Other Details - Chandigarh Metro (blog)
Delhi Metro has finally reached Faridabad as trail runs of metro train on the track from Badarpur to Old Faridabad had begun. The first metro train from Badarpur to Old Faridabad station was flagged off on 12th April 2015. The trial runs will continue.