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Russell Westbrook Repeatedly Calls Oklahoma City 'Home' in New Commercial - SLAM Online
Russell Westbrook repeatedly refers to Oklahoma City as his “home” in a new spot for luggage company TUMI. With his decision on a five-year, $220 million extension looming, Westbrook narrates scenes around Oklahoma City.

One Week With: 2017 McLaren 570GT - Automobile
McLaren includes the same suspension setup as the 570S, complete with adjustable dampers, but it's tuned to be 15 percent softer up front and 10 percent softer in the rear. Combined with the bespoke Pirelli tires designed to transmit less road noise.

Everything You Need to Know About AR-15-Style Rifles
According to Mother Jones, the a model known as the "Black Mamba," and it "has a military-spec trigger and a magazine capacity of 30 rounds ... according to a 2014 accounting by AR-15 enthusiasts. One of those is Remington, manufacturer of the.

LeBron James Says NBA's 'Rest Problem' Began When He Started Missing Games - SLAM Online
Adam Silver sent a stern warning to teams who have been resting its players and has threatened “significant penalties.” At practice today, LeBron James was asked about Silver's message and argued that Gregg Popovich has been resting players for years&nbsp.

Petty, Shelby, Smokey, Garlits, Granatelli, and Parnelli Set The Pace For 1967 - Hot Rod Network
Digital HRM back issues are accessible at by Platinum-level members of the ... These program interruptions delighted fans, who cheered the pusher as he passed and again when his win light finally flickered, and proved irresistible to.

Rockets Spoil Ring Night for the Warriors - SLAM Online
The Golden State Warriors received their diamond-encrusted championship rings Tuesday night, but it was the Houston Rockets who left the gym happiest, having just hung on for a dramatic 122-121 victory. Kevin Durant's would-be game-winning baseline&nbsp.

Issuu Adds Buy Button To Digital Magazines
“This enthusiast and passion-oriented content is engaging. It’s absolutely the way to transform publishing.” The idea is not brand new, however, nor are successful statistics easy to come by. A company called 3D Issue that provides a similar type of.

Charles Barkley Was 'A Little More Combative' Than Draymond Green According to Kevin Garnett - SLAM Online
According to KG, though, the main difference between the two lies in their temperament and personality. KG spit on the differences (and similarities) between Draymond and Sir Charles in a recent interview with Business Insider: “I think he's different.

The adolescent cult of the AR-15
As a correspondent for one enthusiast website puts it in his breakdown of the best recent "gear": Seeing as how America's Rifle, aka the AR-15, is hands down thee most ... there is always the Maklarbak TTC Magazine Follower. "When you run empty with.

Seven Molto Bene Finds at the 2017 Concourso Italiano - Automobile
Most of the time at these car shows we're spoiled by completed restorations and finely restored classics. We loved seeing this 1970 Iso Fidia looking less than perfect. In the fishing stages of a factory correct restoration, this one of only 192 mostly.