Digital Photography Perspective Essay

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I place this essay here as standing for the entire, Lewis-edited Aperture issue on photography and the black experience, which features a formidable list of contributors ranging from Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to Ava DuVernay. .... From Art in America's.

Roadblocks to Peace
Advertisement The WP's front page is dominated by a large photo accompanying a low-to-the-ground account ... despite knowledge of wounded civilians languishing inside. All the papers report that relief workers found four children nestled under blankets.

In service to the magic of the devious, a visual ode to the punks of San Francisco - Washington Post
In Sight is The Washington Post photography blog for visual narrative. This platform showcases compelling and diverse imagery from staff and freelance photographers , news agencies and archives. If you are interested in submitting a story to In Sight.

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At any moment, from any perspective , the writing or reading of a text assumes a direction; but this sense, an incipient meaning, holds only until a subsequent turn. Despite the effort of translators and interpreters to achieve precision—or because of.

This Week in Photography Books: Patrick Nagatani
Just last week, in fact, I went back to UNM, in Albuquerque, and gave a talk to Jim Stone’s Intermediate Photo ... long essay by Eugenia Parry Janis, I dove right into the plates, and they hold up so well. These pictures were made before digital reality.

This Hyperlocal Museum Puts the American Dream in Perspective
The digital-folk artist hopes the museum will open a complex ... Paul Moakley, who edited this photo essay, is TIME’s deputy director of photography and visual enterprise. Follow him on Twitter here. Alexandra Genova is a writer and contributor for.

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Florensky was also a gifted art historian and his 1920 essay , “Reverse Perspective ,” is a dazzling piece of revisionist criticism conceived in defense of 14th- - and 15th-century Russian icons. He argues that correct perspective is overrated. The.

Perspective: Need help launching a business? Tune into 'Thrive Time'
If you want to take out a student loan for $100,000 so that you can graduate from a prestigious university after earning a diploma as a result of your ability to memorize data, write correctly formatted papers ... Epic Photography, Fears and Clark Realty.

Welcome to Raqqa, a photo-essay from the frontlines - SOFREP (press release)
Marines have arrived in Syria to fire artillery in the fight for Raqqa Washington Post.

The Digital Ruins of a Forgotten Future
His book Coming of Age in Second Life, titled in homage to Margaret Mead’s classic, documents the texture of the platform’s digital culture ... When I initially envisioned writing this essay, I imagined falling under the thrall of Second Life: a.

Guest essay: 3 ways to recruit more teachers in Washington - Seattle Times
Tom James has been teaching in public schools for almost 30 years, first in Washington and now as a math specialist in Hawaii. ( Photo courtesy of Tom James). Tom James, who taught in Washington state for 24 years, shares the new perspective he has on&nbsp.

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The accolades have continued to pile up – including a BJP International Photography Award and a solo show at Flowers Gallery. At the time of writing social media is abuzz with chat about her typically incisive photo essay , A Girl's Guide to Egg.

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Erik Simander's photographic exploration of his grandfather dealing with the loss of his wife is an extraordinarily poignant and poetic look at this universal experience. As with my own father, his grandmother passed away suddenly. Simander had been&nbsp.

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The 20-year-old's drone photography shows a new perspective on well-known locations such as Sydney's Bondi beach, Mona Vale and other famous coastlines on the country's east coast. He has also travelled abroad and shot the LA coast at Malibu.

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A few years later, beginning to write a novel that became “The History of Love,” I named a character Leo Gursky and I found he didn't need to contain any less of me, any less of my perspective or emotional life. On the contrary, in some ways he.