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Scott Kelby is Top-Selling U.S. Photography Book Author for 2010, According to Nielsen BookScan Data
BUSINESS WIRE)--Scott Kelby has been recognized as the top-selling photography book author in the U.S. for 2010 ... four other Kelby titles last year: The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers; The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book for.

Abstract Photography by Dirk Dom
I got bored and I decided to try abstract photography ... took quite some work in Photoshop to clean up the shot. In a case like this, you need perfection! I sold this shot 4 feet wide, it’s incredible. I use an Olympus PEN digital camera, micro four.

We're in the Age of Fake Photos and Videos—Here's How to Spot Them - Artsy
These results “require interpretation” from someone with expertise in digital photography , said Farid. On top of that, Adobe—the creator of Photoshop —is a multi-billion dollar company with a financial incentive to create increasingly easy-to-use.

Is Apple Pushing Photographers to Use Windows? - Fstoppers
It's not about the hardware really for the "user" anymore. The operating system (when you know how to use it as a power user) is what makes things so efficient and effective for graphics professionals in general, and especially photographers . The MacOS.

Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is a New Portable Powerhouse for Creatives - PetaPixel (blog)
Introducing Surface Book 2, the most powerful Surface Book ever - Microsoft Devices BlogMicrosoft Devices Blog Windows Blog.

6 Digital Photography Websites With Free Tutorials
I owe a significant amount of my digital photography ... the Smart Guide Tools. Photoshop Killer Tips is the best of free for Photoshop users. Matt Kloskowski is also one of three hosts of Photoshoptv. Along with the other two, Scott Kelby and Dave Cross.

Custom fonts in Photoshop? The feature is coming soon with variable typography - Digital Trends
The new font feature is the second detail Adobe has shared about the upcoming version of Photoshop , after a new curved pen tool designed to make selecting curvy objects simpler. The Curvature Pen tool creates curves with one click and automatically.

A Brief History of Polaroids in Art, from Ansel Adams to Andy Warhol (and Beyond) - Artsy
Beginning in the late 1940s, the Polaroid Corporation would change the face of contemporary photography , both for everyday consumers and for artists. While instant cameras were originally marketed to families and amateur shutterbugs, the company was.

What Does a Professional Freelance Photographer Need? Clue: Not More Gear - Fstoppers
You need to know your Instagram from your Facebook from your Mailchimp. You need to be a WordPress whizz. You need to be a Lightroom pro. And that's before we've even touch on Photoshop (which admittedly is not in every pro photographer's arsenal, but.

Big News: My Brand New Book “The Flash Book” Comes Out Today
Instead, this book ... photography on Amazon). You’ll dig it. Have a great Wednesday everybody, and I hope I run into you at my seminar here in San Diego today. :) Scott is the President of KelbyOne, an online educational community for Photographers.

Scott Eastwood wants to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine -
Scott Eastwood Wants to Be the Next Wolverine

Stephen Shore on Why Young Photographers Need to Start with Film
You might have a certain image of the generation of artists who reshaped contemporary photography ... to print-on-demand books, self-publishing 83 volumes. In almost all cases, each title collects a single day’s worth of digital shooting, with the.

Bega High School students open Our Place photography exhibition at Bega Library - Bega District News
Kiara and Atika said the workshop ignited a love of photography that they also hoped to continue. Links to Learning is administered by the NSW Department of Education and partners with high schools to deliver their workshops. Links to Learning has also.

Free alternatives to Microsoft Word, Photoshop and more - Charleston Post Courier
Others are starting new businesses and don't want to invest in expensive programs that they can essentially get for free. Still, others are trying out new media for the first time, such as digital photography , digital audio or video, and they want to.