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ToonIt! Photo Plugin Updated For Adobe Photoshop CS5 And 64-bit Native Operation On Mac
Digital Anarchy today announced a free update to their popular ToonIt! Photo cartooning plugin. ToonIt! 2.6 adds compatibility for Adobe Photoshop CS5 and 64-bit operation on Mac systems; the Photoshop plugin is already compatible on Windows/Vista.

6 Best Photoshop Plugins to Enhance Your Photo Editing Skills
Then there are Photoshop plugins which are expensive, and thankfully a few which are totally free. So, let’s look at the seven best Photoshop plugins that enhance your photo editing skills ... and more to your digital image. The plugin is a small.

The Color Calibrated Workflow, Part 3: From Digital Darkroom to Printed Piece
A note, with my photography, I handle most digital darkroom processing in Lightroom ... you have to select a color space which limits your color range. If using 3rd party plugins or editors, export to them with the largest color space they can handle.

PixelSquid Plugin for Adobe Photoshop CC
digital painting, photo restoration, photo manipulation, 3D and more). Being self-employed, speed is as important as quality. I was VERY happy and surprised when I discovered the PixelSquid plugin for Photoshop. I am using 3D in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Best photo editing apps 2017: The 11 best apps to improve your snaps
When it comes to mobile photography communities and sharing ... and released by the same team responsible for the legendary Nik Software range of Photoshop plug-ins (also now free, by the way), Snapseed is now owned by Google. At its heart, Snapseed.

Captivating Double Exposure Photography by Lee Fisher (NSFW)
It's safe to say we live in a digital era. In your opinion, what makes analog photography so unique ... And if we’re honest with ourselves, many Photoshop plugins out there can replicate the film look pretty damn good. BUT, what they’ll never be.

Software Editorial: Kodak Photoshop Plug-ins
and Digital GEM Airbrush for smoothing skin. The Kodak photo editing plug-ins, for both Windows and Macs, come in standard versions for $49.95 and professional versions for $99.95. The Kodak Photoshop plug-ins are easy to use on first sight. Those familiar.

Are Photoshop Plugins Still Relevant?
The introduction of Photoshop plugins over the years has allowed ... winning Commercial Advertising Photographer/Digital Artist based in South Bend, Indiana & owner of Digital Art That Rocks commercial photography studio. Brian specializes in product.

ToonIt! Photo Plugin Updated for Adobe Photoshop CS5
Digital Anarchy has announced a free update to their ToonIt! Photo cartooning plugin. ToonIt! 2.6 adds compatibility for Adobe Photoshop CS5 and 64-bit operation on Mac systems. The 2.6 update also adds many behind-the-scenes improvements, like background.

Review: The Art of Photography by Jimmy McIntyre
Because of the complexity of Digital Blending and its required proficiency with Photoshop, it was prohibitive for those generally interested in photography. This is when Jimmy McIntyre introduced the Raya Pro plugin for Photoshop. The plugin creates a new.