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Just Posted: Breakthrough Photography X4 Dark Circular Polarizer Filter
Just posted: Breakthrough Photography X4 Dark Circular Polarizer Filter Review. Looking for a gift for a photographer? It is very likely that this filter would be both a useful and a unique piece of kit for them. The Breakthrough Photography X4 Dark.

Denis Johnson's Poetic Visions of a Fallen World - New York Times
In one of the rare interviews he did, the fiction writer and poet Denis Johnson — who died on Wednesday at 67 — was asked about his craft, and he quoted these lines from Joseph Conrad: “My task which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the.

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Chris Cornell sang as if he were bearing the weight of the world. Whether he was fronting the ferocious hard rock of Soundgarden or backed simply by an acoustic guitar, his voice — now silenced in a suicide — was spectacular by any reckoning. It was.

Study: Dramatic rise of digital skills should shift job-training focus
In fact, since 2002, only one other occupation has transitioned as far and as fast to digital as photography has, according to a new study released Wednesday by the Brookings Institution. Back then, photography ranked 343rd out of 545 individual.

Harry Dean Stanton: Fully Inhabiting Scenes, Not Stealing Them - New York Times
Soon after the start of “Paris, Texas,” Harry Dean Stanton appears in an astonishing gorge called the Devil's Graveyard. He's playing a lost soul, Travis, who will spend the rest of the film getting found. Right now, though, surrounded by rock.

DJI Spark Review: Small but mighty
Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let's qualify this review (and really, any drone review). A drone is not a flying camera. Rather, a drone is an aircraft with a camera attached to it. Therefore, the true value of a drone is a balance between the.

Panasonic ZS70 Review - imaging resource
And even for macro photography , where the function might seem more useful, stopping down to f/8 already gave the Panasonic ZS70's images almost as much depth of field as the focus stacked equivalents, but without the need for a significant reduction in&nbsp.

Amazon Acquires Digital Photography Review Site
Amazon has announced today that they have acquired Digital Photography Review, a web site for digital camera information and reviews, for an undisclosed amount. With the acquisition, Digital Photography Review is looking to expand their feature set.

What employers can do to encourage their workers to retrain - The Economist
The first such workshop sets the participants a task: for example, to improve the experience of digital photography . That involves moving from the idea of making a better ... Mr Rajagopalan had charged a small team with reimagining the digital retail.

John Ashbery, the Gift of Quiet Moments - New York Times
A Conversation with Poet John Ashbery : NPR NPR.