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How Feminist Movements Co-opt Graphic Design to Express Themselves
On the sheets of card, paper, and old boxes that they collected are cursive types, bold types, loud types, cute types, provocative types, hand-scrawled types, rebellious types, digital types ... and sexual revolution. Feminism’s “second wave.

A Brief History of Sex on the Internet
The tech writer (and ... of the early digital space: a private, members-only society with its own language and codes and libertine ethos that existed under the radar. At the same time, Mayes recalls, the digital photography revolution of the 1990s served.

What Happened To Kodak’s Moment?
For decades, Kodak was the rock solid standard in photography and as the 131-year old company ... but something even more fatal than Fuji was creeping up on Kodak: the digital revolution. Kodak’s market share had already been eroded by Fuji, but the.

Movie reviews: From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to Dunkirk, summer films that sparkled
Instead we’re offered a methodical look at the man behind a foodie revolution ... many people feel in a digital world. “Patti Cake$,” a story of big dreams and hip-hop glory, introduces two major new talents to the world, writer, director (and.

Apple thinks different – and the same – about the ‘town square’
Courses such as photography will be offered in ... of community as much as their worldly needs. The Digital Age comes with many problems, writes Mr. Schwab in a new book, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” But it can also “lift humanity into.

Dispatches: An Eye on Photography with One of The Greats
For anyone out there who loves documentary photography ... Let me start here. Iranian Revolution. Vietnam. Bob Marley, The Olympics, Politics. Oh, and when everyone went digital he went right to the 4×5. The people I know who know David just refer.

An Exhibition of Afro-Cuban Art Unmasks the Legacy of Racism in Cuba
Manuel Arenas, El mundo, 2003, Collage, ash, and acrylic on card, 80 x 100 cm Essential to the 1959 Revolution ... writer working in Toronto, London, and Havana. (Image at top: Rene Peña, White Pillow from the series Untitled Album, 2007, Photography.

The New Season of Art: Listings for the Fall Season and Beyond
JOHN LOCKWOOD KIPLING: ARTS & CRAFTS IN THE PUNJAB AND LONDON An assembly of objects and pieces illuminating the life of the educator, journalist, educator and father of the writer Rudyard ... SINGH PHOTOGRAPHS Color photography of Calcutta, Bombay.

Welcome To The First Day Of Work For The Class Of 2025
They have grappled with the rise of the internet, social media, and other digital technologies that have shaped their ... Ericka Burzynski, a medical writer in Milwaukee, encourages her ninth-grade son Reed to practice talking to adults and holding.

Kodak's Meteoric Rise And Fall
ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — Buffeted by fierce foreign competition, then blindsided by a digital revolution, photography icon Eastman ... people depended on that for their memory-recording," said photography writer John Larish, who worked for Kodak in the.