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Goal oriented: Women's soccer dominates with five-game streak - Aztec Press
With only two games remaining in the regular season, the Pima Community College women's soccer team have put themselves in an ideal situation heading into the season finale and regional tournament. Only the top six teams in the region are invited to.

Legal marijuana in Delaware? - Hockessin Community news
It places an excise tax of $50 per ounce on cultivated marijuana, and $25 per immature plant. It also allows for licensed and regulated businesses to openly sell marijuana with the purchase of a $5,000 license, with an additional $10,000 due biennially.

THE WORD: What is the one thing you are looking forward to this semester? - Aztec Press
Right now, I'm just taking a break from all the math and science I do, I'm taking three music courses just to get happy, as long as it doesn't get too crazy and I don't put myself through a rigorous schedule. Helen Nguyen, Undecided. I'm really excited.

Towards Missional Effectiveness: An Introduction (Part 1) -
Most church approaches to mission are still founded upon twentieth-century strategies, which find root in an Enlightenment imagination—if we work harder, create more strategies, and techniques , then we can reach more people. Churches often begin with&nbsp.

3 Tips for Reaching the Dechurched
It is becoming increasingly important for the church to talk about reaching the dechurched in their communities. This sounds like a great idea in theory, but it presents a real challenge when churches perpetuate an “us-versus-them” mentality in our.

Nearly Perfect Sunday. Heavy Rain Chances Ahead
Take a look at the image loop from NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center below... That brief explosion you see was an explosion from the sun! This "Coronal Mass Ejection" occurred on July 14th and was directed toward the Earth, which means that charged.

Top Ten: Streetwear brands - Aztec Press
Clearly there is no way to definitively name a top ten in order, especially during a time in which so many emerging brands are releasing so many pieces at a rate I wish my wallet could keep up with. With a large amount of bias, here is what I believe.

SHA-1 collision: How the attack completely breaks the hash function - TechTarget
checks. The short digital fingerprint generated from an electronic file, message or block of data is called a message digest or hash value. A key property of a secure cryptographic hash function is strong collision resistance -- that is, it should be.

Autumn Raspberries: Worth The Tantalizing Wait
You don't just plop raspberries in a meadow. You have to dig them a bed with nice rich soil and that bed has to have edging all around it, because raspberries root when the tips of their canes touch the ground. So you've got to make them a home where they.

PCC moves the bar on inmate education - Aztec Press
Pima Community College has an ongoing agreement with the Federal Prison effective on Oct. 1, that is renewed every four years. “PCC has taught classes at the FCC since the mid-1990s under a contract with the Bureau of Prisons that is renewed every four&nbsp.

4 Of The Best Online Print-On-Demand Book Publishers
If this kind of self publishing is for you, then a print-on-demand ... photography-based books, however it also offers a couple of black and white text novel options. You can either use their online software to prepare a book or you can upload a pre.