Digital photography using histograms

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Early digital ... photography, the Leica M10 has no peer. It’s built to a specification unmatched by any digital 35 mm format camera. Unless you prefer to shoot film, the Leica M10 is the best digital rangefinder ever made and it’s held up to my daily.

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Understand Your Camera's Histogram to Take More Balanced Pictures
Learning to use your histogram is a good starting point. If you're using a consumer grade point-and-shoot Canon digital camera, you've got… Photo by Shermeee. If you've ever taken a picture and thought it looked fine on your camera's not-so-perfect LCD.

How To Read Your Camera’s Histogram And Take Perfectly Balanced Images
Digital photography provides us with ... the best exposure for our photos, we might use the camera’s zoom-in feature to assess exposure and sharpness of our images. Additionally, we could use the Histogram tool of both our digital camera and image.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Landscape
So it should be easy to participate in this week’s photography challenge. Show us your favorite landscape photos, use all your skills and techniques to make the best images possible. Here are links to a few articles if you need help: 6 of the Best.

Histogram: photography cheat sheets for achieving perfect exposure
In digital imaging, overexposure is difficult ... As it's possible to recover underexposed areas using image manipulation software. Caution must be used, however, when reading histograms. Firstly, the histogram only takes up a very small area on screen.

PhotoSpring Redefines Digital Photo and Video Experience with Intelligent Wi-Fi Connected Frame
Dan Ho, CEO and co-founder, PhotoSpring, said: "Digital photo frames are a great solution for displaying photos, but most are complex to set up and use. PhotoSpring is redefining the digital photo and video experience by creating new ways to help people.

A look into the augmented future of photography
Given that digital camera color ... gotten better at low-light photography, the flash has been reduced to documenting that weird growth you text your friends and hopefully a medical professional. But pro photographers use flash all the time.

Instagram is testing a four-photo grid, and some users are freaking out
But for those photographers who have built their Instagram 'brand' in part by making creative use of the 3-across grid on their profile, this change would represent a swift kick to the mosaic.

Glass from the past: Using classic lenses
The majority of the old lenses you can pick up second-hand were designed for use with 35mm film SLRs, so they’ll behave as they were originally intended when used on full-frame cameras. Most digital cameras, of course, have smaller sensors, and this.