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If you're a girl with a sex life, chances are at some point, you have received a dick pic. Or if you're a dude, chances are you've sent one. Perhaps you're a boyfriend who's sent one to his girlfriend or a f*ckbuddy who's sent one to his girl of the.

Blockchain Startup Binded Raises $950k in Seed Round to Democratize Copyright - Blockchain News
Digital photographers and artists use it to protect their work, for free. Creators upload images to their private copyright vault. For every image uploaded, a unique fingerprint is created and saved permanently on the bitcoin Blockchain. The creator.

Bella Crafts Publishing™ Announces the Fall Issue of Their #1 Digital Craft Magazine is Available
As the days become shorter and the nights longer, the cool crisp days of ... is the Internet's #1 FREE digital craft publication. Each craft project in Bella Crafts™ has detailed how-to instructions and beautiful photography, allowing our readers to.

A student spent two years building this breathtaking Minecraft city using an Xbox 360 - Digital Trends
Two years and 4.5 million blocks: That's what a 19-year-old art student at the University of Delaware needed to build a massive Minecraft metropolis inspired by New York City – and there's still building to be done. As of Oct. 16, the two-year mark of.

WikiHow apologizes for whitewashed image of Beyoncé, Jay Z and Barack Obama - Mashable
After a controversial image was posted on wikiHow , the site full of easy, step-by-step informative instructions, it's taking some direction from its "How to make a genuine apology" article. The website recently came under fire after being called out.

11 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sports Photography - Fstoppers
Here's some quick background on me: I started in photography in 2008 when I was in college. .... Chimping: "A colloquial term used in digital photography to describe the habit of checking every photo on the camera display immediately after capture.&quot.

Looking for Love? Put On a Cat Sweater - New York Times
For those searching for a soul mate, the how-to website WikiHow offers an 11-step plan that could be of help. It tells the lovelorn about fruitful places to look for a mate and instructs them to do things such as make a list of the traits sought in a.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Bella Hadid -
Before she followed her sister's footsteps to the catwalk, Hadid moved to New York to pursue a degree in photography . While she reportedly had been interested in the subject since childhood, it took time for her to adjust to being in front of the.

Will robots run the restaurant of the future? - CNET
The team has been using the website WikiHow as a robotic learning tool. It turns out that WikiHow's step-by-step instructions are perfect for breaking down an activity into its component tasks, and teaching robots to understand verbal, rather than.

16-Year-Old Captures Delta IV Rocket Launch with Just a D3300 and Kit Lens - PetaPixel (blog)
John Kraus is just 16 years old, but already the young photographer is capturing amazing aerospace photos professionally, using gear most of us would probably scoff at. Based out of Satellite Beach, Florida, Kraus has been taking photos ever since he&nbsp.

The Right Way to Attach Your Camera Strap and Avoid Disaster - Wired
The best cameras have huge sensors, and cameras with huge sensors are larger and heavier than most. They also cost upwards of a thousand dollars. In fact, the total cost of the thing hanging around your neck can easily approach the five-figure range if&nbsp.

Epic snow draws crowds to Whistler Blackcomb - Pique Newsmagazine
Feature Story · Travel · Partial Recall · Mountain Mythic · Best of Whistler · TED2015 · Best of Pemberton · Horoscopes · Whistler 2020 · Pique Giveaways · Browse Images · Browse Digital Version · Features Archives ... click to flip through (3) PHOTO.

Repurpose a Pringles Can into a DIY Light Reflector for Photos - Lifehacker
This project from WikiHow is really easy to do. Just draw a line across the long end, and two perpendicular ... It can be a macro photography tube, spaghetti storage, and help keep your paint roller fresh. For step-by-step instructions with photos for.

Сute ideas on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend
And if you feel like you want to take your relationship to the next level, you should consider these cool ideas on how to ask a girl to ... or she will think you are joking. We live in the digital age, when you do not have to be physically close to be.