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‘Camp Click’ aims to inspire Columbus middle schoolers through photography
It’s a program that is being implemented at Graham Expeditionary Middle School Students will be given training on photography from professionals in that field and they will receive a digital SLR camera to keep. “I think it has a lot of potential to.

Eclipse 2017: How to safely capture the best photos of the solar eclipse
best option) One thing to remember, smartphones were never designed to do sun and moon photography. Another reason most people with smartphones will be using telephoto lens systems to zoom in on the eclipse. If you're using a Digital SLR camera.

Charlotte photographer shows our obsession with our devices; work goes viral
“Photography ... camera, a 4 x 5 Cambo, the kind that requires the photographer to actually put a cloth over his head when taking pictures in order to see the image he’s capturing. It’s clunky and tough to transport, and he keeps a Canon digital SLR.

KC artist Mark Allen tests the ‘Ethereal Waters’ on billboards, at Blue Gallery
Allen took the first photos in the series when he was a senior at Lee’s Summit North High School, from which he graduated in 2010. “I had an underwater film camera, and a bunch ... his subjects and his Canon digital SLR, safely zipped inside a.

10 Things I'd Like My Readers To Know About Me By Neil Anthes
When I finished school ... I got my first camera when I was 9 years old. It was a box film camera. I now photograph mostly nature with a digital SLR. I enjoy creating abstract images and have published a photography book of these types of photographs.

Do Digital Cameras Need Shutters?
The rare exception seems to be photography. In high school ... why does a digital camera need a shutter? I took the question to David D. Busch, the author of a ton of books on photography, among them Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies.

Have Fun This 4th of July by Shooting Fireworks … With Your Camera!
I’ll tell you straight up that I am not a photography instructor... I am a self taught photographer. Trial and err have been my teachers. I use a few digital cameras in my craft ... when it was held at Curtis High School and Colegate Park.

Lindich: Digital SLR vs. mirrorless camera system
Q: When would you select a digital SLR over a mirrorless ... names as well as some interesting cameras using the legacy lens mount and form factor, but with electronic viewfinders for better video and high-speed photography functionality.

Casey Anthony starts photography business in Florida after years avoiding cameras
Casey Anthony, the woman acquitted of killing her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, in 2011, has emerged from years avoiding the spotlight to start her own photography business ... the street with her Canon digital SLR camera. "Make sure you get.

Sound Advice: Old habits, marketing cloud the picture on SLR cameras
My favorite camera reviewer, Steve Huff, makes no bones about this. I suggest that you check out his site at It's the best on the Web. He prefers Micro Four Thirds over any APS-C digital SLR system and names Olympus as his favorite.