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The Best Books for Mastering Your Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR - Business Insider
It's great for learning the basics of the camera , but sometimes it can be vague and hard to follow. In order to ... It's a pretty big title, but "David Busch's Canon EOS 5D Mark II Guide to Digital SLR Photography " is a must-have for anyone with a.

HEMET: Cellphone image wins at new gallery location
Domenigoni, who is a retired science teacher from the San Jacinto Unified School District ... but also will continue to take pictures with her real camera, especially for shots of birds. Digital SLR cameras are superior to phones because of their lenses.

Do Digital Cameras Need Shutters?
The rare exception seems to be photography. In high school ... why does a digital camera need a shutter? I took the question to David D. Busch, the author of a ton of books on photography, among them Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies.

Ultimate Tech Gifts for Mom - Mother's Day 2017 - Huffington post (press release) (blog)
Today, in the Digital Age, practical often means tech-related. Mother's Day is ... THINKWARE Dash Cam F770 - If you're worried about an older mother or grandmother's safety while driving , consider one of the top dash cameras on the market. THINKWARE.

Report: Apple & Comcast in talks w/ studios for $30 to $50 movie rentals weeks after theater release - 9to5Mac
Hollywood, Apple Said to Mull Rental Plan, Defying Theaters Bloomberg.

12 Tips On How To Work From Home As A Freelance Video Editor - Fstoppers
These days I'm able to edit for agencies who appreciate the all- digital workflow as much as I do. Sure, they sometimes shoot on DSLRs, but I regularly get footage shot on BMCCs, mid to high-end Sony systems, Canon C-Series, and more. All media ends up&nbsp.

Tornado Chasers Getting “Too Close” In Their Hunt for Dramatic Imagery - PetaPixel
There has been a series of devastating tornados in the American Midwest recently, and one of the emerging trends — especially in this social media era — is the hunt for dramatic photographs and videos. Earlier this week we wrote about how one.

Why Is It OK to Abuse Customers? - TechNewsWorld
I know I missed the chapter in management school that suggested screwing customers was a great business practice, but I seriously think those pages should be torn into little bitty pieces and tossed out, along with the idiots who adhere to this strategy.

How to take better travel photos
Experimenting with shutter speed, for instance, produces an impression of rushing traffic ... and-shoot to a digital SLR? Canon's EOS 100D was touted as the world's smallest and lightest DSLR on release this year. It features in-camera cropping and new.

Ten years in the making - are these the best 'bird's-eye view' pictures ever? -
For David the challenge was to design and build a large enough nest box that would fit his large DSLR Nikon camera and 14mm lens, along with the lighting needed to illuminate the birds. The innovative ... He said: “The box was partitioned with a sheet.

Surrey seeks shutterbug to photograph pockmarked pavement - Vancouver Sun
Before you dust-off your DSLR camera and bid for the job, there's a few things you'll need to know. Most importantly, it's a pretty technical bit of work that requires a truckload of fancy equipment. What the successful bidder will need to complete the.

Gadgets: HD video in a digital SLR camera
Canon has extended the capabilities of its EOS Rebel consumer DSLR cameras with the new EOS Rebel T2i. The new EOS Rebel T2i will be available for $800, body only, or $900 with a zoom lens. It employs the same size 18-megapixel APS-C sensor and 63-zone.

Harassed for Taking Photos - Reason
quot;I want to know if you are in cahoots with Al Qaeda to sell these pictures to them for a terrorist purpose," LASD Deputy Richard Gylfie told Nee, according to footage shot by a body camera Nee wears while working. ... "What happens when that individual.

Hillary Clinton: 'We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet' - Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Update 10:27 p.m.: Bill Clinton has gotten through four years of his relationship with Hillary Clinton in the first 14 minutes of his speech. The pair got married in 1975 after he pursued her for four years through law school and more. “I married my.

Sony enters digital SLR camera market
TOKYO – Sony Corp. unveiled its first digital camera with interchangeable lenses Tuesday, marking a late entry into the high-end of the photography market for the ... entertainment and electronics company. SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses and.