Digital Slr Photography Torrent

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Nikon D5500 DSLR Review: High Quality, Easy to Carry - Tom's Guide
This lightweight, midrange DSLR is a feature-rich, speedy performer with high image quality for intermediate-level photographers. 8/10. Totally worth it. $796.95Amazon. Who it's for? Photographers stepping up from a point-and-shoot, bridge or entry.

Report: Apple & Comcast in talks w/ studios for $30 to $50 movie rentals weeks after theater release - 9to5Mac
Hollywood, Apple Said to Mull Rental Plan, Defying Theaters Bloomberg.

How to take amazing photos at night using your iPhone 7 camera -
Apple Reports Record First Quarter Results Apple Newsroom.

Adobe Lightroom 1.0 review
The digital SLR has brought high-quality photography to the masses; we're all out there, clicking away, producing shot after shot of high-quality RAW files, and yet when it comes to sorting and editing this veritable torrent of images, what do we do.

Phase One launches Capture One Styles Packs for quick image adjustments - Camera Jabber (press release) (blog)
Phase One will be rolling out a new range of photo editing presets called Styles Packs for its Capture One software. The Styles Packs will contain 15 to 18 different 'Styles' focused on a specific theme to help photographers speed up their editing.

KitchenAid Torrent is an Upgraded Blender for Serious Kitchens - Gadget Review
A blender is a fairly basic tool. It has a motor, it has blades, you turn it on, it blends. There's not much that smart technology or new electronics can add to this – but KitchenAid is giving it a try with one of the best blenders on market, the.

How to Take Great Pictures with the Sony a6300 or a6000 - Tom's Guide
Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto (i and i+): These two modes promise to harness the pro- photographer smarts built into the camera's computer, analyzing any type of scene to pick the right settings (Superior Auto is especially tuned for low-light.

Fstoppers Reviews the FroKnowsPhoto's Guide to DSLR Video DVD - Fstoppers
As a professional photographer I have always been curious about the art of videography since the two seem to go hand in hand, but I have never made the jump to shooting my own content because I was always quite unsure of where to start. I wanted to.

Iridient X Transformer brings powerful Fujifilm RAW processing to Windows - Digital Trends
Iridient Digital , maker of the popular Iridient Developer for Mac, has announced it is bringing its high-end Fujifilm RAW processing to Windows with Iridient X Transformer. The program converts images shot in Fujifilm's proprietary RAF format to Adobe.

Sony to give DSLR camera a push in India with Alpha range
The company, which has been focusing on compact camera, will be spending ₹22 crore this year to promote Sony Alpha in the digital single ... Alpha users and photography enthusiasts. According to estimates, the total market size of DSLR cameras in 2013-14.

The Painterly Surreal Portraits of TJ Drysdale - The Phoblographer (blog)
TJ: I had been into film making and cinematography for many years and even went to college for it. In all honesty, I became involved in photography completely by accident. When I was 21, my grandparents bought me my first DSLR camera. Originally, I.

This photography competition asks what hope means to you - Amateur Photographer
A new community project and photography competition has been launched to attempt to 'inspire hope for the future' through the power of images. The project has opened its call for submissions to both amateur and professional photographers to submit.

Ricoh adds free Lightroom tethered capture for Pentax 645Z DSLR - imaging resource
If you're shooting the Pentax 645Z in a studio environment -- something we'd imagine is true of more than a few 645Z owners thanks to the medium-format camera's spectacular resolution -- then we have good news for you today. Pentax brand owner Ricoh.