Digital Vs Film Street Photography

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How does it relate to street photography ? Well, the 20th century was a golden age for all types of photography, as distinct styles formed, but it was a particularly important time for the documentary and street genres. The heroes of the art form—from.

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Before the days of modern digital projection systems, which allow theaters to play movies on the big screen via hard drives, discs, cables, or even web links (yes, some locations and film festivals orchestrate their screenings with little more than a.

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The film accompanied a February cover story by several Observer culture writers — Alaena Hostetter, Mollie Jamison, Nicholas Bostick and Rachel Williams — about local photographers who are using old-fashioned and unusual methods to produce pictures.

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Does a camera alone make a photographer great? Absolutely not. But the right tool in the right hands are both essential to achieving perfection. Film provides an aesthetic, a process, and quality that remains unparalleled in the digital realm. After.

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Let's chant it from the rooftops: Film is not dead, whether as a medium in art or as the thing that makes instant photos at parties possible and will let you take pictures in places where digital cameras and phones aren't allowed in.There are genres of.

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When street photographer Robin Schimko made the leap and purchased a Leica Q in 2015, he was hesitant. The price was steep, and the fixed lens made it a “glorified point-and-shoot.” And yet, it has become his unequivocal favorite. Here are the 5.

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A restored 35mm film projector in the Regent Street Cinema on May 5, 2015, in London. Ian Gavan/Getty Images. A few filmmakers also experimented with wider formats during this time: French filmmaker Abel Gance, for example, worked in a format dubbed.

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Leica released the Q a few years back — specifically to appeal to so-called “ street photographers ” smitten with the handy nature of the smartphone — and still has a wait-list. “We could see the smartphone in two ways, a threat or an entry drug,” says.

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The Lomo'Instant Square Camera by Lomography — Kickstarter Kickstarter.