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It’s Here! Moose Peterson’s Incredible Book on Aviation Photography: ‘Takeoff’
Moose takes you through all the basics for camera gear ... free access to his acclaimed KelbyOne film, Warbirds and the Men Who Flew Them. With this book, your camera, and your passion, your success in aviation photography will quickly take flight.

The Most Captivating Films of Frameline - Advocate.com
but given the divisive cultural rifts of modern day, I wanted to highlight some films that highlight the diversity and momentum of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning community, even as our fellow Americans are denied basic.

Breast cancer wonder drug boosts IVF hopes: One in five women who used the treatment were able to have a baby ... - Daily Mail
A breast cancer wonder drug is being used in IVF to boost success rates for older women. Tamoxifen is normally given to patients who have undergone surgery for breast cancer to prevent tumours growing back. But a British clinic is pioneering its use in&nbsp.

Breakthrough cystic fibrosis drug that prevents 'irreversible' lung damage in children under 12 is hailed by experts - Daily Mail
A drug that targets the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis has been hailed as a 'major step forward' by experts. Orkambi helped to improve the diminishing lung function of child sufferers under the age of 12 in just two weeks, its latest trial found.

The Dangers of Photography Addiction - PetaPixel (blog)
A fun, casual bag for a camera and two lenses; a classic Domke F-2 for working out of; a big roller case for big jobs and flights; a backpack for hiking and other trips; a messenger bag for your basic kit plus your laptop. ... For a brief period, you.

FILM REVIEW; Reaching for the Stars, Selling Drugs on Earth
director of photography, Hubert Taczanowski; edited by Jeff Freeman; music by Frank Fitzpatrick; production designer, Ina Mayhew; produced by Guy Oseary and Happy Walters; released by New Line Cinema. Running time: 100 minutes. This film is rated R.

Traditional film photography makes a comeback in digital age - ABC Online
A Brisbane film processor says he is run off his feet trying to keep up with people wanting to develop traditional film prints. Similar to the resurgence of vinyl, using and processing 35mm film has gained in popularity amongst photographers young and old.

Vegetative stroke patient, 36, was able to speak and move just 16 DAYS after being given a Parkinson's disease drug - Daily Mail
A vegetative stroke patient who was completely unresponsive to what was going on around her, regained complete consciousness just 16 days after being given a Parkinson's disease drug , a case report reveals. The unnamed woman, 36, who was only&nbsp.

Drug that targets cancer cells' 'Achilles heel' could 'supercharge' breast tumour treatment - Daily Mail
A new class of drugs that target cancer cells' 'Achilles' heel' could help to 'supercharge' breast tumour treatment, new research reveals. Researchers say the breakthrough could dramatically improve the survival chances of women with some of the most&nbsp.

Fine art and films on farming, drugs and corruption - AAP mixes tech with tradition as it leaves no stone unturned ... - Daily Mail
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which is known for its innovative campaigning style, is leaving no stone unturned to fight its most crucial battle in Punjab - employing novel methods including the use of technology and art to reach out to voters. From hour.

REDDY | The Drug Rhetoric Monster - Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
People who are at risk for health problems because of drug use, struggle with drug addiction or both are also casualties, figuratively and literally, in this war. Bans on basic health care users need to survive, such as syringe exchanges or supervised.

Review: Cop and kingpin duel for upper hand in 'Drug War'
The film makes good use of the contradictions inherent when a zero-tolerance drug policy collides with the massive amounts of money to be made in the drug trade, particularly when the basic ingredients ... Keung as director of photography and To Hung.

This set of photos from the Apollo missions are the greatest holiday snaps you'll ever see - Happy
wanting to take a lens on the greatest trips ever conceived, NASA was soon employing a first chief of photography in Richard Underwood. Soon, every astronaut was being handed a Hasselblad camera and taught the basics of film , exposure and framing.

Yangon Photo Night highlights Kachin civil war, drug abuse - Myanmar Times
A professional photographer award went to Hkun Lat for his series on the Kachin civil war. Nyan Zay Htet / The Myanmar Times. “In Kachin, people have easy access to drugs and can make money by selling them,” she said noting that women drug users are&nbsp.