Dummies guide to digital slr photography for beginners

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Get Smart With Wikipedia’s List of Common Misconceptions
Replace your annoying “Did you know?” factoids with even more annoying “Actually that’s fake” corrections. Wikipedia features a massive list of common misconceptions about history, science, and more. I check it once a year to refresh my smugness.

Elgin County & ST. THOMAS
• NEW: Giant Jumping Pillow • NEW: Noah’s Ark • NEW: Gem Stone Mining • Friendly Farm Animals • Zipster Pedal Cart Track • Zip Line and Balance Rope • Black Hole slide • Play Structures • Glass Beehive Display • Rubber Duck Racing.

We've All Tried To Find The Bathroom At A Car Meet
Car meets are wonderful places where the atmosphere is relaxed and there are a plethora of enthusiasts and owners to geek out with. Everyone brings their best manners and it’s generally a good time. Sometimes, vendors sell food and drink. Staying.

Social media and the new Cold War
What’s happening in Russia is happening elsewhere. Digital activism is on the rise globally, and the impact of these activist projects grows more impressive year by year. The Arab Spring involved countries where citizens used social media to create news.

Watch Out for Charity Scams Claiming to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims
It never fails. For every act of heroism during a national disaster another act of piracy is waiting in the wings. US-CERT, the US government’s chief agency responsible for detecting and minimizing cyber threats, issued an advisory on Monday warning.