Faceless Street Photography Techniques

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Nikon Ambassador and professional photographer, Tamara Lackey specializes in children’s portraits and offered a few tips on how to make the most of your annual school photo opp.

Giuseppe Milo’s Faceless Combines Street Photography and Silhouettes
Photographer Giuseppe Milo is an italian street photographer based in Dublin. He started to take street pictures in 2013 and very recently released an artistic photo project called Faceless. This project features street photography in high contrast black.

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The best photographs and films don't just bring beautiful visuals to the table. They also place story right at the center of their very make up. “Killing The Rock” (KTR) is a five minute demonstration of this, and reminds us of how commitment to our.

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Rather than offering viewers immediate access to information about the world or simply how some given portion of it looks, artists working in this mode see the techniques , conventions, and history of photography as an interpretive grid that makes some.

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Creatively, the market has tons of opportunities to shoot a variety of genres like food, interiors, street portraits, or a combination of all three. The style of ... Alfonso Calero – Travel Photographer from Sydney specialising in portraits and.

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This “media company” did just that in a tweet from Thursday, June 29, which read: “After spending 3 years inciting violence against police for ratings, you could hunt MSM [as in mainstream media] in the streets like game and America wouldn't care.” Or.

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The grandeur of Mr. Anderson's vision is matched by the precision of his technique . At no moment .... But though this is an intensely local experience, it opens up and reverberates far beyond the streets , tenements and emergency rooms of Bucharest. The.

Marines at Beirut Airport: Boyish bravado against a faceless enemy
There is constant talk of 'tearing things up across the street' and they take great joy in describing ... Yeah, but the most-used weapon is the 50-cal with armor-piercing tips on it. They use it like small arms,' says Lance Cpl. Richard James 'Pops.

Body language: Efi Spyrou is both artist and artwork at Diatopos in Cyprus - wallpaper.com
Drawing from her personal experiences, the portraits unapologetically borrow a high fashion aesthetic, but, the faceless pin-ups use contemporary artistic techniques – tattoos projected in LED lights, for instance – connecting them to their interactive.

Into the deep: Scientists left baffled after they catch a bizarre faceless fish in Australia - Daily Mail
A fish without a face has been discovered during a world-first exploration of a deep-sea abyss by Australian scientists. Scientists on board the CSIRO's Investigator are looking at Commonwealth marine reserves from northern Tasmania to central Queensland.