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8 Artists to Watch in September
The artist is known for producing images that make hidden forces like surveillance, data collection, and government secrecy visible, like using super long-distance photography to document ... Awol Erizku basically became famous when he helped Beyonce.

UK’s Largest Outdoor Exhibition of Street Photography
The overall winner will also receive state-of-the-art camera equipment and a ... re able to showcase the fantastic My Town photography nationwide, celebrating local areas and making people famous across our digital screens – and displaying some truly.

Remington prepares for biannual International Juried Art Exhibit
OGDENSBURG — The Frederic Remington Art Museum’s biannual ... works honored for display at the world-famous Remington Museum. “It’s always exciting when the work exceeds the expectations created by the digital images from which the choices were.

Photo of the Week: A Hellish Vision of Portland, Oregon’s Famous Gorge in Flames
The gorge also boasts 800 wildflower species and at least 70 waterfalls, including the famous 600-foot Multnomah Falls. But this week, the canyon was in flames. Portland photographer Tristan ... Fortsch works as a digital content producer at a local.

15 Portraits of Famous Musicians by Famous Artists and Photographers
and silkscreened by famous artists and photographers. One of several Charlie Bird Parker tribute pieces by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Not the one that inspired Jay-Z.

Culture Report: The Role of Art in San Diego’s Homeless Crisis
Ostermann is an artist ... both famous people like Iggy Pop and President Donald Trump, as well as some of the people he sees struggling on the streets alongside him. At 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Ostermann will show some of his work at Digital Gym Cinema.

Famous grottoes launch English service for virtual tour
Dunhuang Academy has been working on a major digital archiving project since the 1990s and has finished filming frescoes in 150 caves. The Mogao Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, feature a huge collection of Buddhist art, including more than 2,000.

The New Season of Art: Listings for the Fall Season and Beyond
AFTER DARKNESS: SOUTHEAST ASIAN ART IN THE WAKE OF HISTORY Artists from Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia respond to political trauma. Sept. 8–Jan. 21, Asia Society, asiasociety.org. WALKER EVANS A large-scale retrospective of the photographer’s work.

This artist is making mega-millions ‘stealing people’s work’
Stein shut down a request for dismissal of a suit from professional photographer ... Art.” But, he added, “People talk about his work and the photo they use is mine. It has been a barnacle in my life.” In 2002, Prince began creating his now famous.

The Saudi artist sending up Beyonce
was among the first Saudis to use digital art to imagine famous celebrities as Arabs, back in 2010. "The idea came to me after I saw pictures of celebrities who visited our region and tried to wear the shemagh (headdress for men), yet never mastered.