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Ansel Elgort is best known for playing teenagers who die. His breakout roles were as Tommy Ross (brained by a bucket) in the 2013 remake of Carrie and Augustus Waters (cancer) in the 2014 film adaptation of John Green's hit Y.A. novel The Fault in Our&nbsp.

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Photographer Monica Jane Frisell has spent the last four months living out of a renovated 1988 Toyota Seabreeze, traveling across the United States with her scrappy terrier Lou and a Zone VI 4x5 camera for her project “Looking Forward/Portraits from an.

2016 Toyota Camry review - Digital Trends
The absolute base model Camry LE offers air conditioning, backup camera , keyless entry, tilt-telescoping wheel, trip computer, cruise control, power everything, and holders for 10 cups and bottles. The base stereo is an Entune multimedia unit with a 6.

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Photographer Sven Skafisk took the latest 2016 CIPA camera production data and created the chart above showing that compact cameras have continued to decline while DSLR and mirrorless camera sales seem to have stabilized a bit. Want to see why compact.

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The Intertubes have been buzzing with news that Toyota is spearheading a public-private partnership that will deploy wind energy to generate hydrogen for whole fleets of zero emission electric vehicles. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the EV.

Today is international camera day! - Lowvelder
The first digital camera that was commercially was sold in December of 1989 in Japan, the DS-X by Fuji. In 1991, Kodak brought to market the Kodak DCS-100, the beginning of a long line of professional Kodak DCS SLR cameras that were based in part on&nbsp.

Innovate or Die: Wisdom from Apple, Google and Toyota
TIME spoke to Tellis about the lessons ... to-price ratio of all these technologies. For example, in photography, you track the resolution per dollar of film vs. the resolution per dollar for digital and see how these curves are moving year to year.

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Ansel Elgort knows how to dial the charm to 11. At a special Cinema Society screening of Baby Driver at downtown N.Y.C.'s Metrograph Theater Monday, he greeted many of the women in the room with a kiss on each cheek, offered a jovial handshake or hug&nbsp.

Here’s What Sundance Cinematographers Think of Shooting Film Vs. Digital
“The shift from film to digital for me, just is. I’ve tried to never get too caught up in that battle, I just try to keep focus on what is best for the story I’m trying to tell. Whether it’s film or digital, the aesthetics in storytelling is the.