Film Vs Digital Wedding Photography

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Instant cameras are nothing new. The first commercial instant camera was the Land Camera Model 95, invented in 1948. Edwin Land, who created the camera, was an American inventor and the founder of the instant photography giant Polaroid in 1937.

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There are instances when a photographer meticulously plans a wedding photo, and then there is serendipity. Such was the case for Portland wedding photographer Craig Mitchelldyer when he worked a wedding at Gorge Crest Vineyards near the&nbsp.

Film Versus Digital Wedding Photography
Happy Tuesday and I’m excited because I had a great conversation with Grey Likes Weddings last week about the differences between a wedding photographer shooting film versus digital. I realize this is a personal preference, but our goal was to educate.

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Australian wedding photographer James Day recently shared a beautiful wedding photo and story that are tugging on heartstrings around the Web. It's a terrific example of emotion being captured and conveyed in a shot. The Sydney-based photographer was&nbsp.

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Here's a simple, fair, and free-to-use wedding photography contract that includes payment schedule, harassment, privacy, deliverables, and cancellations—in other words: everything you need in a professional service agreement—because Christmas.

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Plus, he entered because he loves the competition—a Michael Jordan-esque competitive streak to prove he's the best wedding /portrait photographer in the business. (Imaging Resource and PetaPixel both took a comprehensive look at the controversy.

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To this extent all photographers must have an element of documentary in their work, even if their speciality leans towards fine art. Even if one is shooting 35mm film , film speed and fast aperture lenses means no longer capturing these moments is.

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We have all heard it: “save money by hiring a hobby photographer ” or “my uncle got a really great camera and he will take our wedding photos for free.” I will light a candle for all of you who regret, in hindsight, that you didn't hire a professional.

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They trashed their wedding photographer over a $125 fee, so a jury told them to pay her $1 million Washington Post.

Film vs. Digital Photography: What's Right For Your Wedding?
When it comes to your big day, what's the REAL difference between film and digital photography? Find out what questions to as photographers and see which medium suits your celebration best. Planning your Big Day? The most important investment you should.

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The following is a more detailed breakdown of the camera and how I use it for my own wedding photography . The bits I enjoy and ..... It might have the feeling of a film camera from back in the day, but I want something that turns easily and silently.