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Rotolight Anova Pro 2 features improved output and 'unrivaled battery'
Packed with innovative features for television, film production, and photography, the Anova PRO 2 is the 4th ... an RJ45 DMX connection allows us to install them in our studio, at a fraction of a cost with the same professional results” says Andrew.

How Is Digital Drawing Different from Traditional Art?
digital ... sculpture look photo-realistic, although this requires a lot of skill from you as a sculptor. Because the screen is displaying the image continuosusly, nothing stops it from displaying a slightly different image every fraction of a second.

How to Handle Your Camera’s Metering in Snow
A typical in-camera camera meter (even in today’s digital cameras ... Also see my viewfinder photo for a graphical representation. Spot Metering: will only allow the meter to pick up a small fraction of your scene in regards to its reading.

These robots don’t want your job. They want your love.
He has a fraction of the skills of Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri—and given those company’s resources, I doubt Jibo will catch up on his own. (Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.) These robots’ most unique skill is photography.

How to create inclusivity in an exclusive market
However, many have started to shift their budgets to digital ... fraction of the price of one Kim K. This is exactly what Tommy Hilfiger did in 2015 with its ‘Hilfiger Island’ campaign, using eight influencers across fashion, lifestyle and photography.

For the first time, Army sensors can detect aircraft damage as it occurs
Photo Credit: US Army photo ) ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND ... Meanwhile, the signal processing algorithm is augmented with a layer of adaptive digital filters to minimize effects of signal distortion during location analysis. REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov Dr.

Hottest Christmas toys of the last 10 years
Photo: Paul Sakuma / AP file) Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once referred to this as “training wheels for the iPhone.” It’s a music and video player, a digital camera and a handheld game device. Consumers are attracted because it sells at a fraction.

A Little Bit About The Fujinon Conversion Lenses for the X100 Series
As I began falling in love with street photography more and more ... playing and even shooting with rangefinder cameras, both analog and digital, all Leica – and trust me, the floating focusing system of a rangefinder camera from the fancy L is pretty.

Depth of Field Myths: The Biggest Misconceptions
Instead, my hope is to cover some of the basic, common inaccuracies that you may have heard about depth of field, in case you’ve been relying on faulty information for your own photography ... change your aperture by a fraction of a stop, or use a.

9 Free Apps You Didn't Know Your Small Business Needed
Need a digital copy of an essential paper document? Genius Scan seriously simplifies the process. Through the free app, you take a photo of what you need to scan, such as a receipt or contract, and it's automatically converted into a JPEG or PDF.