Hrxrd Basics Of Photography

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Analyzing protein functions in four dimensions
Biological function is a four-dimensional property, and a basic understanding of function requires a synthesis ... data collection methods is the relatively slow speed of rotation photography, giving data rates of 10,000 reflections per second presently.

March 2017 Volume 15 Issue 8
The Eddy Current articles in the back to basics will be of interest to young NDT professionals and practising Service providers. I am sure that the experts will also give a fresh look at the basics of eddy current. The consistently improved quality of NDE.

NASA rover lands on Mars (Update 4)
And tonight's success reminds us that our preeminence -- not just in space, but here on Earth -- depends on continuing to invest wisely in the innovation, technology, and basic research that has always made our economy the envy of the world.

Worldwide Protein Crystallization and Crystallography Market 2016 Trend, Analysis and Overview
The augmented application of protein crystallography techniques in material sciences will be the key driver for the growth of this market. Protein crystallography techniques are primarily used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to aid in.

The Real Problem with Driverless Cars
When Nevada made driverless cars legal in the state last year, we armchair futurists sat up a little straighter. All of a sudden a number of meandering philosophical questions about how our society would have to change to embrace such technology seemed.