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Lighting Black Faces: Mic Interviews 'Insecure' Director of Photography Ava Berkofsky
Any photographer who ... So how do you properly light dark skin? Xavier Harding recently interviewed Ava Berkofsky, HBO's director of photography for the show "Insecure," for Mic to find out what her techniques are for lighting the show's black.

Beginner Food Photography Tips | How To Take Great Food Shots With Minimal Gear
We all know that photography ... but it’s a lighting technique that the newest photographers tend to neglect. A quick note on automatic shooting modes versus manual – if you are attempting to use an automatic shooting mode for these techniques, like.

Northern lights photographer gives advice on seeing aurora, shows time-lapse
Photographer Alex Childress gives us his best tips on seeing ... color levels on the photo. In Petoskey he has found a usual progression to the development of northern lights on any one night. First he normally sees white light on the horizon.

iPhone 8 Plus Portrait Lighting Feature
One of the things we were most excited about was the new "Portrait Lighting" feature, which is currently in Beta ... claim our Instagram accounts as proof of our (sometimes limited) photo prowess, we need we'd need to try it before taking Apple at their.

Portrait Tips: Use HDR For Softer Light
High Dynamic Range photography techniques usually increase the ability to see ... Save Now! Illuminati Wireless Light & Color Meter for Photo & Video – Bring your images into the Light! The Illuminati meter is a wireless, smartphone-connected light.

Shutter Release: 3 videos about lighting techniques, dramatic black and white images and more
His YouTube content is great for portrait photographers of all levels. His latest video is all about how to sync your strobes and your camera. He covers three methods in the video below. Andrew Boey of Beyond Photography shows you how to use lighting to.

How to Take Someone's Photo in a Foreign Country Without Being a Jerk
If you keep it light and fun they’ll probably have fun too ... Also, be aware of people whose job is to get their photo taken and make tips. There were people all over Havana that did this. That woman in the nice dress smoking a cigar in a perfect.

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips
Putting Together a Budget DIY Lighting System for under Osity- I'm pinning this onto my Photography Tips board ... to the details - head angle, jewelry, glasses, clothing (Making sure it is not weirdly laid) etc. Group photo posing cheat sheet😆 I.

Lessons on properly lighting dark-skinned actors from “Insecure” director of photography Ava Berkofsky
so I never gave it a thought what it would take to light a model with dark skin. Therefore, I found these tips from Ava Berkofsky really interesting. Of course, they’ll also be useful for all portrait photographers or cinematographers working with models.

Pre-Photo Checklist: 14 Photography Preparation Tips
Luckily, photographer Ed Gregory has made a checklist of the 14 things all photographers should do before taking a photo: If you’re not new to photography, a number of Gregory’s tips will seem ... consideration as the lighting. This is especially.